Surprise: Monetary Redistribution Plan Is Super Important For Upcoming Paris Climate Change Talks

I know you’re completely shocked by this notion

West must pay up to secure deal at Paris climate change summit, warns Fabius
French minister says COP21 climate conference’s success in curbing emissions requires rich nations to fulfil earlier funding pledges to finance poor countries

Is it really necessary to excerpt anything beyond the headline and subhead? They say it all.

Rich countries must keep their financial promises to the poor on global warming, or key international climate change negotiations this year risk falling apart, the French foreign minister will warn his counterparts in other developed nations this weekend. (snip)

At the last major climate summit, in Copenhagen in 2009, the developing world was promised financial flows of at least $100bn (£65bn) a year by 2020, but in many cases the money has been slow in coming.

Laurent Fabius, the French foreign minister, who will preside over the Paris talks, said this aid would be the key issue.

“The question of financing is, in fact, decisive for reaching an agreement in Paris,” he said.

“The promise of Copenhagen must be kept, absolutely – it is the basis of trust, and for many countries it is the condition of reaching agreement. Therefore, it is a priority as president [of the negotiations].”

Funny how the solutions to “solving climate change” always seem to revolve around hardcore Leftist policy prescriptions, don’t you think?

Personally, I can’t wait to hear about the number of private jets and fossil fueled flights, along with all the limos which have horrible gas mileage, taken to the Paris climate change talks this December.

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