Team Trump Has Supposedly Told EPA To Remove ‘Climate Change’ Pages

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Another anonyously sourced article proclaiming that Team Trump has done something, and it totally means doom

Trump administration tells EPA to cut climate page from website: sources

U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration has instructed the Environmental Protection Agency to remove the climate change page from its website, two agency employees told Reuters, the latest move by the newly minted leadership to erase ex-President Barack Obama’s climate change initiatives.

The employees were notified by EPA officials on Tuesday that the administration had instructed EPA’s communications team to remove the website’s climate change page, which contains links to scientific global warming research, as well as detailed data on emissions. The page could go down as early as Wednesday, the sources said.

“If the website goes dark, years of work we have done on climate change will disappear,” one of the EPA staffers told Reuters, who added some employees were scrambling to save some of the information housed on the website, or convince the Trump administration to preserve parts of it.

The sources asked not to be named because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

Well, at least the main EPA page for Hotcoldwetdry is still standing. If they have ordered the page removed, none of the years of work goes away. Someone still has it. These fragile Snowflakes are confusing a website with actual data.

As Ronald Bailey notes

If Reuters’ sources are accurate, it’s pretty clear that the haste with which Trump and his minions are acting is meant to send a strong signal to the permanent bureaucracy that there’s a new sheriff in town. Presumably the actual data on things such as sources and amounts of greenhouse gases are not being erased and access to them will be restored quickly. It will be interesting to see how “alternative” the new Trump administration’s EPA climate change webpages will turn out to be.

Guess what? Trump won. He’s a climate change skeptic. That belief was wrapped around him winning. The Cult of Climastrology lost. Now’s the time to show that you really believe what you peddle by changing your own lives to match your rhetoric. You won’t be getting all the federal funding for your completely politicized “science”. Perhaps your deep-pocketed buddies like George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tom Steyer can hook you up with some funding. Barring that, practice what you preach.

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