Ten Reasons We Know Anthropogenic Global Warming Is a Hoax

Mike Van Biezen, a professor of Physics, Mathematics, Astronomy, and Earth Science and a former believer in the global warming hoax, has presented a definitive debunking that will probably earn him IRS audits every year that liberals are in power. To summarize:

1. Temperature records from around the world do not support the assumption that today’s temperatures are unusual.

2. Satellite temperature data does not support the assumption that temperatures are rising rapidly.

3. Current temperatures are always compared to the temperatures of the 1980’s, but for many parts of the world the 1980’s was the coldest decade of the last 100+ years.

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4. The world experienced a significant cooling trend between 1940 and 1980.

5. Urban heat island effect skews the temperature data of a significant number of weather stations.

6. There is a natural inverse relationship between global temperatures and atmospheric CO2 levels.

7. The CO2 cannot, from a scientific perspective, be the cause of significant global temperature changes.

8. There have been many periods during our recent history that a warmer climate was prevalent long before the industrial revolution.

9. Glaciers have been melting for more than 150 years.

10. “Data adjustment” is used to continue the perception of global warming.

Number 10 may be the most compelling because it underscores that anthropogenic global warming is not just an error or a hysterical fantasy, but a systematically orchestrated lie. A little more detail:

For the first several years of my research I relied on the climate data banks of NASA and GISS, two of the most prestigious scientific bodies of our country. After years of painstaking gathering of data, and relentless graphing of that data, I discovered that I was not looking at the originally gathered data, but data that had been “adjusted” for what was deemed “scientific reasons.” Unadjusted data is simply not available from these data banks. Fortunately I was able to find the original weather station data from over 7000 weather stations from around the world in the KNMI database. (Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute). There I was able to review both the adjusted and unadjusted data as well as the breakout of the daytime and nighttime data. The results were astounding. I found that data from many stations around the world had been systematically “adjusted” to make it seem that global warming was happening when, in fact, for many places around the world the opposite was true.

Read the whole piece, and you will never be short of ammo to fire back at the warmists. Unfortunately, many believe in the hoax out of sheer ideological obedience, and are immune to fact-based arguments.

We have been lied to.

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