“The science is settled: US liberals really are the dumbest creatures on the planet”

(Sorry if this is a duplicate post–I searched for it on 6/24 and didn’t find it.)

James Delingpole, “a writer, journalist and broadcaster who is right about everything,” at the UK Telegraph makes a disquieting discovery:

And guess what these liberals believe the problem with Climate Change is? Go on: think of the most stupid, reality-denying, fact-ignoring, evidence-torturing tosh anyone involved in the media could possibly have to say on the subject. (H/T: Climate Depot) . . .

They think the main reasons for the public’s growing scepticism on Climate Change are 1. The media has been far too balanced on the subject and is not pushing the eco-message hard enough. 2. Big business is funding Climate Denialism. 3. Evil Conservatives — led by Evil Talk Show Hosts Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck — are deliberately telling lies about Climate Change. 4. The Republican party is “anti-science”.

Mr. Delingpole then does a little surgery without anesthetic on those assertions. I recommend the whole piece.

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