There Are Big Divisions In Catholicism Over “Climate Change”

These divisions mirror the general public, and there’s actually a big reveal in the data

Catholics Divided Over Global Warming
Partisan Differences Mirror Those Among General Public

On the eve of a forthcoming encyclical by Pope Francis on the environment and climate change, a new Pew Research Center survey finds that U.S. Catholics’ views on global warming are broadly reflective of American public opinion writ large; a solid majority believe that Earth is warming, but there is much more division over the cause and seriousness of climate change. Moreover, the poll shows that climate change is a highly politicized issue that sharply divides American Catholics, like the U.S. public as a whole, mainly along political party lines.

About seven-in-ten U.S. Catholics (71%) believe the planet is getting warmer. Nearly half of Catholic adults (47%) attribute global warming to human causes, and a similar share (48%) view it as a very serious problem.

But more than eight-in-ten Catholic Democrats say there is solid evidence that Earth is warming, compared with just half of Catholic Republicans.1 And while six-in-ten Catholic Democrats say global warming is a man-made phenomenon and that it poses a very serious problem, only about a quarter of Catholic Republicans agree.

Among the U.S. public as a whole, belief that global warming is occurring is nearly twice as common among Democrats as Republicans (86% vs. 45%). The view that global warming is caused by human activity is roughly three times as common among Democrats as among members of the GOP (64% vs. 22%), as is the view that it represents a very serious problem (67% vs. 21%).

First, I’m wondering how any Democrat can be a Catholic, as the majority support abortion on demand. They don’t listen to the Pope on most issues, why should they listen to the Pope on this?

Second, we see that 68% believe that the Earth is warming. Count me among those who have that belief, and the raw data and facts support that belief.

But, notice that only 45% of the general public believe that it is caused by human activity. Unfortunately, it is rarely, if ever, asked as to the percent that Mankind is responsible for. Some may say a little (put me in that box). Cult of Climastrology members will say that Mankind is mostly/solely responsible, which seems to be the same feeling from Pope Francis. That said, after 25+ years of “spreading awareness”, only 45% believe the current warm period is caused by human activity.

And only 46% believe it is a serious problem. Look, even some of those who believe that the current warm period is mostly/solely caused by nature are concerned. Changes in the climate can have good and bad effects. Again, though, after 25+ years of agitation this is the best that the CoC can do. 46%.

A big fail. Especially since all those who profess to believe that Mankind is at fault fail to live their lives like there is a crisis.

I don’t expect a reply. Almost no Warmists ever do.

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