There’s A Reason I Call It Hotcoldwetdry

Let’s focus on the first two today, shall we?

Huh. Doom from ‘climate change’. Then there’s this

The past couple weeks have given climate change skeptics plenty of events that seem like reasons to dispute global warming.

An inundation of wintry weatheracross the country carried snowstorms and freezing temperatures everywhere from the Pacific Northwest to the Southeast.

Using weather (i.e a few very cold days) as evidence against global warming (i.e a decade of hotter summers) is kind of like using one man’s early death to disprove the fact that, on average, life expectancies are increasing.

On one hand, they were trying to blame ‘climate change’ for the cold, much like Warmists did with the polar vortex. Then they try and say it well be doom from warmth. We also had Bette Midler, who blamed ‘climate change’ for this year’s warmth, saying something else last year

Remember, we had uber-Warmist John Cook writing

To claim that record snowfall is inconsistent with a warming world betrays a lack of understanding of the link between global warming and extreme precipitation. Global temperatures in the last few months of record snowfall are some of the hottest on record. Warming causes more moisture in the air which leads to more extreme precipitation events. This includes more heavy snowstorms in regions where snowfall conditions are favourable. Far from contradicting global warming, record snowfall is predicted by climate models and consistent with our expectation of more extreme precipitation events.

See? Record snowfall is totally consistent with a warming world.

So, what’s causing the warmth? Honest warmists will let you know that it is really due to the El Nino and what is a “normal weather pattern.” Christmas Eve in 1955 was generally much warmer on the East coast, and that was during a time period between 1940 and 1980 when global temperatures were flat and even going down.

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