Things Are Heating Up On Independence Day From ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

And more doom will be coming in the future since YOU refuse to give up your fossil fueled vehicle, buy local, plant trees in your living room, and use air conditioning in the summer

We’re really heating up this Independence Day

Sometimes at Grist HQ, we ask ourselves things like: “Just how miserable will the Fourth of July be in 2100?”

We’re fun like that.

But really, our summers are hot and getting hotter. Just ask the founding fathers: On July 4, 1776, Thomas Jefferson dressed and bewigged himself for a long day of declaration-adopting in a relatively pleasant 76 degrees — good news for the thirteen waistcoat-clad dudes in the stuffy halls of Philadelphia’s State House.

Fast-forward 240 years. This Fourth of July, the temperature in Philly is forecast at a sticky 85 degrees. And by the end of the century, fireworks over the Benjamin Franklin Parkway could take place in 90-degree weather.

So, doom! Of course, since Warmists like to accuse others of fraud, failing to mention that 1776 was at the height of the Little Ice Age, meaning temperatures lower than today would be considered fraud per the Warmist’s duckspeak. In England, the Thames froze several times during the winter. Philly also didn’t have the massive land use changes which trap heat, what is known as the Urban Heat Island Effect. If you check the weather for the areas in the Pennsylvania countryside, they tend to be a few degrees cooler than Philly.

Facts matter little to the Cult of Climastrology, because this is a political movement.

Elsewhere, Treehugger is excited to tell us how to avoid “carbon” from barbecues.

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