Think Progress Tells Us How To Climate Proof, Ruin Our Thanksgiving

Finally, it’s here. I was despairing, as the Cult of Climastrology typically spends quite a bit of time using every event and holiday to push their unscientific belief in anthropogenic climate change, yet, there wasn’t really anything just a few days before Thanksgiving. Most likely because they’re all attempting to Blame ACC for the Syrian refugee problem and terrorism (despite only Muslims turning to terrorism, and Obama denying Christian refugees entry to the US). Joe Romm’s George Soros funded Climate Progress finally came through!

Figuring out just how to reduce your personal carbon impact can be a daunting, and at times, confusing task (just ask the King of Sweden, who recently decided to give up baths for the environment). (note: he has multiple palatial mansions. What’s the carbon footprint?)

Getting through Thanksgiving, when emissions-heavy activities like airline travel and tables full of food are the norm, can be a especially tricky for a die-hard climate activist. Here are have a few tips for a more climate-friend Thanksgiving. (We can’t help with the food coma, though.)

So, what do they want you to do?

  • Choose your turkey wisely (this is about buying locally. Not a bad idea to support your local economy, of course, how many have local turkey farmers?)
  • Waste not, want not (make only what you will eat, and, if leftovers, pack them up. You know, like freaking everyone does!)
  • Toast these drinks (again, a buy local thing)
  • Take the bus (that should be fun if families are traveling long distances)
  • Efficiency is a huge opportunity (become a nag on Thanksgiving)

Oh, and then we have to have this

Go ahead, talk about it

Even with all these tips, Thanksgiving is hardly a carbon-neutral day for most of us. But there’s one more way you can get bigger climate returns on the day: Talk about it.

Maybe your family or friends don’t believe in climate change. Take a moment before the holiday to brush up on some key messages, and think of it this way: Convincing just one person to reduce her carbon footprint doubles what you can do on your own.

It wouldn’t be a Warmist Thanksgiving without nagging your relatives on the subject of ‘climate change’, would it? Annoying your relatives, insulting them, making them remember why they never call you the other 364 days of the year.

Of course, the Democrats want their little minions to ruin Thanksgiving overall

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