Time to Panic: Global Warming Could Make There Be Too Many Lobsters

When it comes to the global warming hoax, finding new ways to panic gullible fools requires ever more creativity:

PEI Could Be Overrun With Lobster Because of Climate Change, Say Experts

Due to warming water trends, experts say the province of Prince Edward Island could become a veritable hatchery for lobster within a half-century. …

“With the temperature increasing in P.E.I. waters and decreasing the number of days a baby lobster is susceptible, you have less predation and an increase in settlement size lobsters,” says Memorial University grad student Ryan Stanley, who is the grandson of a lobster fisherman in P.E.I.

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Anyone who has seen Attack of the Crab Monsters has some idea what horrors could be in store for the island. Hopefully our benevolent moonbat overlords can seize control of the climate through taxation and regulation in time.

Islands taken over by lobsters. Add it to The List.

Godzilla attempts to defend the island.

On a tip from Steve T. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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