Trace Gas Necessary For Life Will Slow The Earth’s Rotation

Hysteria time, via the HuffPuff

Temperatures are rising and doing so at increasingly faster rates.

That would be a shock to UN IPCC chairman Pachauri. And lots of others, such Kevin Trenbarth, who can’t account for the lack of warming. And Phil “no statistically significant warming since 1995” Jones.

We are literally slowing down the rotation of the globe and doing so at an increasingly faster rate.*

*Think ice skater, whose spinning speed increases as she pulls her arms closer and slows down as she extends her arms. The same happens to the planet: As polar ice melts, water distributes to the equator, expanding the planet’s bulge and slowing its rotation — by fractions of a second, but amazingly it is already measurable. And we know it’s happening at an increasing rate.

Link, please? I understand the science behind this, and the way the equatorial bulge works, but, I was unable to find any study, or even a proper link, that would show that the Earth is slowing down due to melting ice caps caused by man induced global warming. Not to mention that this has basically been happening for billions of years due to the changing climate and shifting continental plates.

All are clearly linked to global warming, yet none of them are quite strong enough to spur us into action. What will it take to make that happen?

How about you alarmists practicing what you preach? That would be a start.

Hurricanes don’t. Katrina was catastrophic but apparently not dramatic enough (and, of course, no single hurricane can be linked to global warming anyway, although it’s clear that their intensity goes up on a warming planet). Record droughts, floods and other catastrophes don’t seem to convince the unconvinceable either, largely for the same reasons.

Actually, storms tend to be worse during cooler periods, as you expose cool, dry air to warm, moist air. Funny how the hurricanes have died out in our world where the “Temperatures are rising and doing so at increasingly faster rates.” We are well over a 1,000 days since the last hurricane made landfall on the USA (Ike, 2008), and 2,113 days since the last major (category 3) hurricane, being Wilma on October 24, 2005.

But, don’t worry, the alarmists aren’t hysterical or anything. They would never say the polar bears will die off overnight.

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