Trump Is Worse Than Everyone Thought On ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

So, Donald Trump gave a speech on energy Thursday, or so I hear. I was actually watching the speech live, but tuned out when he wasn’t seeming to get to the energy part, just typical rambling by Donald on this and that and the other. But, Mashable supposedly listened to it, or, most likely, read someone else’s story on the speech. Regardless, in an “analysis” by Andrew Freeman

Trump on climate: He’s even worse than we thought

No one expected Donald Trump to give a single energy speech and suddenly pivot to the left on global warming, after a record of expressing skepticism that global warming exists on several prior occasions.

However, few of even the most die-hard, wary environmentalists likely expected what they got on Thursday, when Trump both effectively clinched the nomination and gave a dismissive energy speech in North Dakota.

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The speech amounted to a broadside against the Obama administration’s climate and energy policies, as well as Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s proposals, in addition to climate science and energy market realities.

Well, that is a good thing in my book. We need to use our own energy sources, including oil and natural gas. Any Warmist who doesn’t like it should give up their own use of oil immediately.

Fortunately for Paris agreement fans, Trump cannot unilaterally cancel it, but he can mortally wound it.

Freeman doesn’t say why, he simply just continues a meme being propagated by Warmists. In fact, Trump, if he wins the presidency, can simply issue an executive order cancelling America’s participation. For all intent purposes, that is how America joined the Paris climate accord. It was never ratified by the Senate, hence, it has no force of law.

Whether a President Trump would pull out of the accords is another question.

Trump went so far as to imply that climate change is a “phony” environmental concern when he said:

“A Trump administration will focus on real environmental challenges, not the phony ones we’ve been looking at.”

This is one of the few things I like about Trump. However, I do not trust him, as there have been vacillations on the subject. He is right, though, that we should deal with real environmental issues, not this phony manufactured on on ‘climate change’, which is really just a left wing attempt to increase taxes, along with more governmental control of people, energy, private institutions, and the economy, mostly at the federal level.

Instead of speaking truth to power and saying that the glory days of “drill, baby, drill” may be gone, as a market-based transition to renewable energy continues, he chose to throw red meat to the crowd.

As opposed to Democrats like Hillary and Bernie, who yammer on about ‘climate change’ before getting on fossil fueled planes and SUVs.

This speech effectively put Trump at the top of the enemies list for every climate advocate, business executive and world leader committed to taking the climate threat seriously. The reality is that Trump’s policies as he presented them today cannot be implemented if we are to have any hope of containing global warming to a somewhat manageable level.

The policies as written and pushed by most Warmists would have a negligible effect on the climate (in theory) to start with, so, ignoring them won’t change the end results, particularly since Mankind has only a tiny effect on global effects of a warming climate, which, surprise, has been happening off and on throughout the Holocene. But, hey, good news, Trump has made the top of the enemies list! Fascists/authoritarians love their enemies lists.

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