UK Families To See Energy Prices Skyrocket Under Green Energy Reforms

From the Department Of “Well, Duh!!!!”

(UK Telegraph) Plans designed to help Britain “keep the lights on” while also hitting its climate change targets will be published in the Government’s long-awaited draft energy bill today.

The proposals are intended to secure investment in clean energy generation methods to avert a looming gap in supplies as a number of power stations come to the ends of their lives.

However, ministers said today that the measures are likely to mean households paying more for their energy as companies would need “incentives” to build expensive new plants.

Mr Davey, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, said it was impossible to “turn back the tide” of rising energy prices and that consumers should expect rising bills.

Davey goes on to discuss how consumer power bills would be rising anyhow, because, er, the UK government has already whacked so many existing power sources in the name of the Church Of Gore, and the loss of those energy sources means there is not enough power for the demand, causing said rise, and those energy sources are gone because of the over-whelming Warmist need to forcibly reduce the UK’s “carbon” footprint, so they need to be replaced with expensive “green” sources that barely provide power. Gotta love how that works.

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