Unsurprisingly, Warmists Link Hurricane Hermine To ‘Climate Change’

You knew this was coming, right? This was one of those things that was easy to guess “yes” on the question “will the Cult of Climastrology link the storm to Hotcoldwetdry?” There are plenty of links to this, let’s go with uber-Warmists Eric Holthaus’ (who’s actually a pretty cool guy on Twitter, getting beyond the AGW stuff) article

Here’s What to Expect From Hurricane Hermine


Hurricane Hermine is expected to hit Florida later tonight or early Friday — the first hurricane landfall there in a record-setting 3,965 days, a period that has coincided with massive statewide population growth and an increase in coastal vulnerability. As Andrew Freedman wrote today in Mashable, “Florida’s luck has run out.” (snip)

Florida’s current hurricane-free streak is nearly 1,800 days longer than the previous record-long Florida hurricane drought, and, historically, hurricanes have hit the state once every year or two, not once a decade.

Well, Warmists were utterly wrong on their predictions, so, can’t be ‘climate change’, right? Right?

As with every weather event in the current era, Hermine also has a climate change connection. Sea levels in northwest Florida have risen by about a foot in the last 50 to 100 years, thanks mostly to global warming — and that rise will add to Hermine’s flooding potential. The Southeast U.S., as a whole, has seen a 27 percent increase in the amount of rain during the most intense weather events over the past 60 years, as warmer temperatures are able to hold more water vapor. Meanwhile, even if experts are calling it “luck” that Florida went more than a decade without hurricane landfall, that aberration itself fits the profile of climate change: In general, climate scientists who focus on hurricanes expect slightly fewer storms, but warn that the ones that do form will be more powerful.

It’s barely above the 75 mph threshold to be a hurricane. There haven’t been more powerful storms. As for the sea rise, it hasn’t risen even a foot in the last 100 years. More like, specifically, .63 to .74 feet per hundred years. Which would be exactly average, and less than expected for a Holocene Warm period.

It’s like listen to Madam Zelda at the carnival. Though, she only takes a bit of cash from you once, rather than again and again and again by government fiat, which is what Warmists want to do.


Plenty more where that came from.

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