Warmist: Hey, Maybe We Need The Same Type Of Sacrifice To Stop Bad Weather The Incas Used

Funny thing is, the downfall of the Incas occurred around the same time the Little Ice Age got going

(Guardian) Although their empire existed for a scant 100 years before being cut short in 1533 by the arrival of the Spaniards, the Incas managed to create 26,000 miles of roads, ruled an empire of 10 million people and imposed their language and culture from one end of the Andes to the other. In a very real sense, the Incas were the “Romans” of the New World and, like the Romans, they were excellent administrators and empire builders. Like the Romans, however, they borrowed many aspects of their culture — from metallurgy and warfare and architecture to agriculture and animal husbandry and astronomy — from other, previous cultures.

Like the Romans, their empire died out as the climate turned cooler

In response to such natural phenomena, the Incas resorted to religion. In the Inca world, lightning, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, rain, weather and fertility were controlled by a panoply of gods. To survive in an unpredictable world, the Incas sought to form reciprocal relationships with their gods, just as they formed reciprocal relationships with one another, or with other tribes.

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They performed quite a bit of human sacrifice of Other People in their religion

The Incas did their best to fathom what, at the time, was unfathomable — the violent, unpredictable catastrophes of nature which, in some cases, had ended cultures that preceded them. To their credit, the Incas did their best to ensure the survival of their people and empire by paying close attention to nature and doing their best to use every means at their disposal, including human sacrifice, to gain control over it.

Nowadays Warmist want Everyone Else to sacrifice, and, yeah, many of them want Other People, especially minorities in 3rd World nations to stop having kids.

The irony is that, more than 500 years after the Spaniards put an end to perhaps the most spectacular empire in the New World, not only are Andean and worldwide glaciers shrinking at unprecedented rates as the Earth heats up, altering and damaging native ecosystems, but the new cultures that have replaced the Incas seem apathetic, at best, in making any kind of sacrifice in order to gain control over a potentially self-created environmental disaster.

Wait, is writer Kerry MacQuarrie proposing human sacrifice to the Gods Of Gore in order to stop Bad Weather? Would anyone be surprised?

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