Warmist Phil Plait: You Can’t Just Sway People With Facts

Warmists are very upset that so many people really do not care that much about Doing Something about “climate change”, despite the constant barrage of propaganda for almost 30 years. Despite the constant release of over-wrought, doom-mongering, scarathon reports. Despite failing to live their own lives according to their talking points…er, guess I wasn’t supposed to mention that one

(Slate) Climate change is real. The globe is warming. The data show it, the effects are already happening, and when you talk to scientists who study it, they all know it, too.

Well, yes, it is real. The climate has always changed, and there will be weather changes within climates. Long term weather averages creates climate. The current longer term trend right now is a weak warm period, with a shorter term trend being statistically insignificant warming to flatlined temps. The argument, though, is about causation. Phil trots out a graphic about “97%”, which has been debunked to the point that there’s no point offering any links.

Yet the public still seems to be confused over it, mostly due to the confusion sown by professional confusers. Polls asking the public what degree of consensus climate scientists have about global warming consistently underrate it; the truth is that 97 percent of climate scientists agree that the planet is heating up and that human activity is the cause.

Or, it could be your facts, Phil. It could be nature refusing to cooperate with your computer models. It could be your constant scary stories. It could be the nutballs proclaiming doom and gloom. And it could be that you Warmists are complete hypocrites when it comes to changing your own lives.

That’s why the American Association for the Advancement of Science–the world’s largest general science society–has put together a public information campaign called “What We Know.” The motivation behind it is not so much to be a compendium of facts, but instead to “present key messages for every American about climate change” as a way to hopefully show people the reality of what we’re doing to the Earth.

Facts? Who needs facts? We have more fables! It starts out with the 97% consensus as #1, so, they’ve already ditched science. And then they start with the scary stories.

I think the idea behind the campaign is a good one. The problem right now isn’t any scientific debate or controversy, for there isn’t one. Virtually all the doubt and arguing are being instigated by politically motivated groups and do not exist among actual climate scientists. Getting this across to the public is a crucial step in ousting head-in-the-sand politicians and marginalizing the denial groups that are massively overrepresented in the media.

Oh, contraire. Lots and lots of scientists disagree. Over 31,000 have signed the petition denying human induced climate change. Humans do play a small roll, but we are not the primary/sole cause. Furthermore, as stated, you Warmists have been trying for 30 years to get this info to the people. You’ve failed. The facts are not on your side. Notice that Phil wants to do what most Progressives (nice fascists) want to do: shut down debate.

The next thing to do is to put together videos and Web pages that have more humanity to them, more emotion. If you want to sway people, then you can’t just throw facts at them; those will reflect off them and fall away. We know this (for a fact, oddly enough). If the AAAS wants to change the public’s mind on this issue, it will have to connect with their hearts.

We’re still waiting for the incontrovertible proof that mankind’s release of CO2 (which Warmists un-scientifically call “carbon”) is the primary/sole cause of every weather event and a miniscule 1.4F increase in global temperatures since 1850. Facts are tough when you don’t have them. Facts are tough when they are apparently not strong enough to get Warmists to practice what they preach. Claiming consensus is not science. Scary stories are not facts. Blaming cold, snow, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, everything is proof of a cult, not science.

The rise of the Internet allowed people to get the real facts. Warmists really do not like that. So, facts? Ppfffft. They want more stories! This might work if Progressive policies hadn’t destroyed economies around the world. Alas, “climate change” is a 1st World Problem, and people really could care less when real world issues are affecting their lives right now.

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