Warmists Claim They Predicted There Would Be More Arctic Ice This Year

The Arctic has been doing very well this year, thank you very much, with big growth, 60% in one year, and being the same thinkness as it was back in 1940. There’s been no warming for 8 years in the Arctic. But, hey, the Warmists predicted this, right? Right?

Arctic sea ice delusions strike the Mail on Sunday and Telegraph | Dana Nuccitelli | Environment | theguardian.com

Arctic sea ice delusions strike the Mail on Sunday and Telegraph

When it comes to climate science reporting, the Mail on Sunday and Telegraph are only reliable in the sense that you can rely on them to usually get the science wrong. This weekend’s Arctic sea ice articles from David Rose of the Mail and Hayley Dixon at the Telegraph unfortunately fit that pattern.

Both articles claimed that Arctic sea ice extent grew 60 percent in August 2013 as compared to August 2012. While this factoid is technically true, it’s also largely irrelevant. For one thing, the annual Arctic sea ice minimum occurs in September — we’re not there yet.

Does Super Warmist Nuccitelli think that the Arctic is going to all of a sudden melt-down? Here’s where it gets funny

And while this year’s minimum extent will certainly be higher than last year’s, that’s not the least bit surprising. As University of Reading climate scientist Ed Hawkins noted last year,

“Around 80% of the ~100 scientists at the Bjerknes [Arctic climate science] conference thought that there would be MORE Arctic sea-ice in 2013, compared to 2012.”

Which is strange, because most have been telling us that the Arctic would be ice free this year (see Steven Goddard for a list of these prognostications), and there are non-stop complaints that the melting Arctic will kill all the polar bears (who are also doing quite well) and raise sea levels quite a bit (which is idiotic since the Arctic ice is free floating, but, hey, it’s not like Warmists practice science in the first place).

The rest of the article attempts to position that this is completely in line with “climate change”, which is all your fault for driving a fossil fueled vehicle and using hair spray. And that Warmists are really, really unhappy that any news source would dare to print things that do not fit the Narrative Of Climate Change.

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