Warmists Links Angelina Jolie’s Double Mastectomy To GOP Coming Around On “Climate Change”

Warmists Links Angelina Jolie’s Double Mastectomy To GOP Coming Around On “Climate Change”

I’d love to say this is parody, but, alas, no, this is how wackadoodle the New Climate Deniers are (via Junk Science).

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Will Angelina Jolie Help End Climate-Change Denial, And Help The Republican Party?

File this one under unintended consequences. Angelina Jolie, by announcing her preventative double masectomy, will likely have significant influence well beyond women’s health. By modeling how to think with data when data do not tell us what we would otherwise want them to say, she displayed a level of decision-making courage that business and political leaders should strive to emulate. For example, her leadership just may end up helping those fighting in the Republican Party to end ongoing anti-science climate-change denial.

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What do I mean by decision-making courage? Jolie started with the data, however imperfect and probabilistic scientific data are. On the basis of this data she embarked on an inconvenient (at times painful) course of action so as to significantly lower the chances of experiencing an absolutely catastrophic outcome. She choose preventive surgery to increase the chances of staying cancer-free.

There’s a hell of a difference between Jolie voluntarily deciding that, because she had the gene which significantly increased her chances to get breast cancer, she’d have a double mastectomy, all based on long term science, versus believing in something that doesn’t even start with a proper scientific term. They call it climate change instead of anthropogenic global warming for several reasons, one of which is to blame any and all happenings on mankind’s modern lifestyle, especially fossil fuels. Which the New Science Deniers refuse to give up themselves.

What would be truly courageous would be Warmists looking at the actual hard data. Looking at the history. Understanding the history of “climate change”, particularly over the past 40 years….oh, see, that’s where it breaks down, because it is not about science, it’s about Progressive policy prescriptions, bigger government, control of people and the private sector.

Also, it would be courageous if they practiced what they preached. Won’t happen.

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