Warmists Want To Track Urban Emissions At Every Level

Remember, most Warmists are members of the same party and belief set that says Government should stay out of all decisions when it comes to abortion, but wants the Green Police to monitor your carbon footprint

Climate change: Track urban emissions on a human scale
Cities need to understand and manage their carbon footprint at the level of streets, buildings and communities, urge Kevin Robert Gurney and colleagues.


Knowing that certain roads, types of vehicle or parts of a city dominate road emissions and why people drive at specific times would tell city planners where and how to lower emissions efficiently. Improvements in traffic congestion, air quality, pedestrian conditions, and noise pollution could be aligned. But tracking emissions road by road and building by building is beyond the capacity of most cities.

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Luckily, scientists are gathering the data that city managers need — in studies that match sources of CO2 and methane with atmospheric concentrations. Now the research community needs to translate this information into a form that city managers can use. Emissions data need to be merged with socio-economic information such as income, property ownership or travel habits, and placed in software tools that can query policy options and weigh up costs and benefits. And scientists should help municipalities to raise awareness of the power of detailed emissions data in tailoring climate and development policies.

In other words, merging all our private data with that of the Cult of Climastrology so they can track everything.

Slashing emissions requires mapping them on finer scales of space and time that reflect the human dimensions at which carbon is emitted: by individual buildings, vehicles, parks, factories and power plants. These should be tracked at least yearly. Such granular estimates are needed for several reasons: to verify emissions rates; to confirm progress towards reduction and support carbon trading, permits or taxation; to enable more-targeted and financially efficient decisions about mitigation options; and to identify and fix unintentional releases from, for example, leaking gas pipes or malfunctioning methane-capture equipment in landfills.

So, once they have all that information, they can target the permits and taxation, along with all sorts of restrictions on citizens and private entities.

With detailed knowledge of carbon flows, cities might succeed in reducing global emissions where nations have failed.

One has to wonder why all these cities have such big carbon footprints, when they tend to be run by Democrats, big believers in “climate change”, and stocked with a majority of Democratic Party voters. It’s almost like they don’t really believe their talking points enough to change their own behavior.

I wonder how they’ll respond when they realize that The Government is tracking their every move, invading their privacy, then taxing them over it?

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