Warmists Who Originally Promised Never To Have A Baby Has A Baby

Remember Eric Holthaus and his little Twitter freakout? First he cried





But he did backtrack a bit on the babies thing, because Warmists always believe Other People should be forced to practice what Climastrologers believe. And backtracked 100% over the last few days

Should Climate Change Stop Us from Having Babies?

If you’re like me, climate change keeps you up at night on a regular basis. It’s not so much that we’re still on track for the worst-case global warming scenario, or that the survival of countless species—not to mention civilization as we know it—hangs in the balance, but the quiet understanding that our kids are going to feel some of the worst impacts in just a few brief decades.

I sleep very well. There are enough real world things to become anxious and neurotic over, instead of “climate change”.

In the last few weeks alone, Boston has been buried under record amounts of snow, an endless winter hell that’s been linked to warmer-than-normal water temperatures in the Gulf Stream. Meanwhile, California is shriveling up, amid predictions of imminent mega-droughts across the western US. It’s hard to predict how climate change will affect us next, but clearly it won’t be good. Already, scientists are telling us to say goodbye to Miami and Manhattan, not to mention chocolate, coffee, and beer.

There we go, the Cult Of Climastrology’s notion that hot causes massive cold and snow.

For natural pessimists, the inexorable destruction by climate change leads to thoughts that fall along the lines of this Jezebel headline, which asks: “ Why Would I Ever Want to Bring a Child Into This Fucked Up World?” Because really, why the hell would someone of procreating age today even consider having a baby? It feels like an utter tragedy to create new life, fall in love with it, and then watch it writhe in agony as the world singes to a crisp.

Ah, but the reality is that Climastrologers say that people shouldn’t have children because kids have a massive “carbon footprint”. Of course, most Warmists push this notion for those in 3rd World nations, particularly Africa, saying those folks shouldn’t have kids. Seems rather racist, eh? But, then, most Warmists are also disciples of Margaret Sanger, a big time racist and eugenicist.

By making global warming a science issue, campaigners against climate change lost the majority of the public’s interest in the topic, even though the stakes have never been higher.

Wait, you mean it actually wasn’t a “science issue” originally? Cat. Bag.

My wife and I just had a baby, and it’s quickly becoming the best decision we ever made. Even though his future is uncertain, the knowledge that there’s still time left to turn things around has become a tremendously powerful motivating factor in our lives. Our baby has brought us back from the brink. It’s impossible to be hopeless with a newborn. Climate change has changed me. And I don’t think I’m the only one.

And there we go. A new baby, sucking up the valuable resources of Gaia, dooming us all to climate hell. Climahyopcrite.

Anyhow, congratulations to Eric and his wife. Please do not make your child neurotic with climate change insanity. And, since babies are, according to your cult, bad for climate change, so have less, it’s time for that vasectomy.

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