We Totally Need A Climate Change Anonymous Or Something

Climate change rhetoric and scaremongering has turned Warmists into mental and physical wrecks, so much that one hasn’t taken a bath over a shower in weeks! (first world problems)

This is why we need a CCA: Climate Change Anonymous
My name’s Sara and I’m scared about global warming. It’s been three weeks since I had a bath instead of a shower


Weather is getting biblical. Across the globe, lakes are turning to desert, villages to rivers. El Niño and La Niña aren’t cute Spanish twins from a CBeebies show but weather systems growing in power and intensity. We’re all gradually beginning to feel a little uneasy about climate change, and talking about the weather now has a sinister undercurrent to it. I’m secretly acknowledging to myself that things are changing for the worse (but not out loud, in case it makes it come true quicker).

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We need a CCA: Climate Change Anonymous. “My name’s Sara and I’m scared about global warming. It’s been three weeks since I had a bath instead of a shower.”

This is the 10-year anniversary of Al Gore’s global warming documentary An Inconvenient Truth, which we watched and thought “Cripes, jolly serious stuff” – and then carried on with our lives as though it were a science-fiction film about an imaginary planet, not a documentary about our own. We conveniently shelved the information in the “too big to deal with” cabinet of our brains.

And 10 years since Gore declared we’d be experiencing planetary doom. Does anyone actually see doom?

Gore must now be sitting on his ark sadly watching this big political, global bird come home to roost.

Gore’s sitting around in his palatial homes, sitting on huge wealth made by pushing this issue to clueless and easily brainwashed fools. Well, sitting around when he’s not take long fossil fueled trips to give speeches for large sums.

Unfortunately, with my green efforts I take one step forward and two huge strides back, leaving a massive smudgy carbon footprint with my “mumtruck”. It’s a tank, and as much as I try to justify it – three children and a dog!

She still flies a bit, too, but, hey, she washes out jars to recycle and “I reuse tin foil and wash drinking straws (much to the annoyance of my husband), but I know it’s not enough.” No, not by a longshot, according to Warmist dogma, but, hey, she has school to bring the little carbon footprint kids to, and all sorts of stuff to do!

It’s so hard to know where to start, but we’re going to have to soon – if we’re not already too late.

Notice the use of “we”. This is Warmist world in a nutshell: they refuse to make more than token changes in their own lives, yet demand that Everyone Else get involved and have massive changes forced on their lives. I guess this is all her point about “Climate Change Anonymous”: Warmists refuse to act like it’s a crisis.

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