When You Just Need To Watch Another Climate Alarmist Lose It

Twenty years ago, the following commentary would have earned the writer a one way trip to being written off as a complete loon. Today, the writer is given the chance to publish a screed on CNN (with a disclaimer, of course).

Editor’s note: Alan Weisman is the author of “The World Without Us,” an international bestseller now in 33 languages. It was named the Best Nonfiction Book of 2007 by both Time magazine and Entertainment Weekly, the #1 Nonfiction Audiobook of 2007 by iTunes, and a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award in nonfiction. See http://www.worldwithoutus.com/

Wait, The World Without Us? That’s correct, Weisman is another one of the extreme liberals who believe the Earth would be better if humans just died off. The book was, unsurprisingly, given great press in Liberal World by people who won’t take Weisman’s advice. On to the red meat for alarmists

As we have learned, these gases form an invisible barrier that, like a greenhouse’s glass ceiling, keeps reflected heat of the sun from escaping our atmosphere. The denser that gaseous barrier grows, the hotter things get and the faster glaciers melt.

As they flow off the land, we are warned, seas rise. Yet something else is lately worrying geologists: the likelihood that the Earth’s crust, relieved of so much formidable weight of ice borne for many thousands of years, has begun to stretch and rebound.

As it does, a volcano awakens in Iceland (with another, larger and adjacent to still-erupting Eyjafjallajokull, threatening to detonate next). The Earth shudders in Haiti. Then Chile. Then western China. Mexicali-Calexico. The Solomon Islands. Spain. New Guinea. And those are just the big ones, 6+ on the Richter scale, and just in 2010. And it’s only April.

It’s looking like this may be a long decade. And if we don’t pull carbon out of the way we energize our lives soon, a small clump of our not-too-distant surviving descendants may find themselves, as Gaia scientist James Lovelock has direly predicted, like the first Icelanders: gathered on some near-barren hunk of rock near one of the still-habitable poles, trying yet anew to eke out a plan for human civilization.

Got that? Anthropogenic global warming is causing earthquakes and volcanoes. Why am I getting deja vu when I write that? Ah. Because it has been written many times when these alarmists trot up these idiotic, insane theories memes.

As far as the last paragraph, that is exactly the condition that the alarmists want everyone else to be in. For themselves, they fly around the world and give speeches on how much mankind truly sucks, as brainwashed idiots stare unblinkingly, clap about how much they themselves, and enrich the AGW gurus.

For the rest of us in SaneLand, can you imagine buying into a cult which is based on telling you how much you suck? That everything you do sucks? That your family and friends suck, and if only we could go back and live like it is 750 A.D., we wouldn’t all suck?

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