Whoops! Green Wastewater Tech Increase Globull Warming

Sucks when your cult beliefs come back and bite you in your butt

It seems like an environmental no-brainer. As populations increase, cities grow, and water supplies grow ever scarcer in the world’s drier regions, more and more municipalities are tending to recycle wastewater after treatment in sewage works to irrigate parks and other green urban space. What could be wrong with that? Well, quite a lot, actually, according to a new study, which concludes it could increase global warming.

The research, published in the current issue of the Journal of Environmental Quality concludes that the practice emits three times as much nitrous oxide — a greenhouse gas about 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide — as treating the sewage-laden water and discharging it to a river or the sea in the usual way. What is more — the scientists from the Universities of Cincinnati and California, Irvine, calculated the practice is so common in the region around Los Angeles that it emits at least a thousand times as much of the gas in the area than agriculture, the usual source of the pollution.

Well, serious bummer, dudes and dudettes! I guess it is time for the alarmists to say “we need to stop this recycling and just live like our ancestors did. And if we want to water our lawns, we’ll do it with poop laden water! Better yet, watering the lawn is bad for global warming, so, we won’t water our lawns! Well, I won’t stop watering MY lawn, but, that guy over there should. Government should make him.”

This is one of the reasons that I say that mankind does play a small part in a warming world, though, the effects are mostly localized. Mankind does release greenhouse gases other than CO2, which is no big deal, like methane and nitrous oxide. But, what would the alarmists have us do, stop our modern life and go back in time? Well, they do for Other People, not themselves. And since statistically zero percent of alarmists actually change their behavior…….

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