We Have A Winner In The “Tropical Storm Cindy Is Climate Change” Sweepstakes

We Have A Winner In The “Tropical Storm Cindy Is Climate Change” Sweepstakes

Remember when members of the Cult of Climastrology would tell us that weather was not climate? Of course, that was before the CoC manufactured a talking point that allowed them to blame all winter weather on warming and CO2, which allows them to now screech “this is what climate change looks like! Yeaaaaaaargh!” Hence, we have Warmists Eric Holthaus pulling the normal Warmist schtick

The Gulf Coast is preparing for the sort of rainstorm that is supposed to come only once in a lifetime.


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As with virtually every weather event at this point, there’s a clear link between Cindy and climate change. Since a warmer atmosphere can hold more water vapor (thanks to enhanced evaporation and other factors), rainfall rates during extreme events have become more intense. To prove the point, this morning, the atmosphere over New Orleans was the wettest it has ever been for the date. The one-in-200-year or one-in-500-year calculations include only historical rainfall data and don’t take into account changing trends resulting from climate change. Weird rainstorms are happening more often now.

With pronouncements like that, I and other Skeptics are fully empowered to call Warmists (or whatever your refer to them as) members of a cult. And what Holthaus means by climate change is anthropogenic, where “carbon pollution” from mankind is causing all these changes. Except for the Great Pause, of course, where nature was the driver.

As you can guess, there are plenty of Warmist droppings regarding #Cindy all over Twitter



But, here’s my favorite

That’s funny.

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