Woah! AP Prints Reality About Point Of Copenhagen AGW Nuttiness

Someone was seriously drunk at the Associated Press to allow this bit of reality leak into the narrative

Next month’s climate summit in Copenhagen seeks to transform the way we run the planet, from the generation of energy, to the building of homes and cities, to the shaping of the landscape. It would also shift wealth from rich to poor countries in the process.

Income redistribution and control of everything, including your lives. These treaties and laws have never been about science, they are all about politics by people who think socialism and facism are great.

Success is a matter of definition. Two years ago, when negotiations began, delegates anticipated a full treaty would be signed in Copenhagen to succeed the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which set emissions limits on 37 industrial countries. The U.S. rejected Kyoto because it imposed no obligations for China, India and other rapidly emerging economies.

Now the Danish hosts and the United Nations say it will be enough to nail down all the political elements, leaving the details, technical issues and legal language to be filled in over the following six months to a year.

Hmm, political details. Why are there political details if this is about science? What kind of political details? The type where the USA hands over a chunk of soverenty to the United Nations, gives even more of our money to the UN and 3rd world countries, and imposes draconian measures and restrictions of freedom on our people? Those kinds of political details?

Scientists say carbon emissions must level off by 2015 and then start to rapidly decline. Within 40 years, manmade emissions should be half what they were in 1990 – and 80-95 percent lower in the economically advanced countries – to avoid the worst scenarios of climate disasters.

Those numbers have been flying around in the press releases as of late, but, put it this way: you will have to reduce your lifestyle by 80-95 percent, and expect a your money to be half of what it is today.

Some other AGW scaremongering:

Climate change to hit water scarce Arab world hard (especially when the water is locked up in ice)

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Is global warming unstoppable? (well, yes. Nature does what it wants. The idea in the article about building nuclear power plants is interesting, though.

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