Woman Who Made Massive Fossil Fueled Travel An Accomplishment Really Worried About Climate Change

The question here is, is Hillary Clinton serious about “climate change”, or is she just pandering to the unhinged Lefty base? While she has included Hotcoldwetdry in negotiations and pronouncements previously, she has never seemed very passionate about the issue. During her time at State, it seemed more of a box check and an extension of Obama’s beliefs

(Bloomberg) Hillary Clinton on Sunday set two “bold national goals” to combat climate change, promising that if she’s elected president, she would set the United States on a path toward producing enough clean renewable to power every home in America within a decade.

She would also initiate a process that would bring the total number of solar panels installed nationwide to more than half a billion before the end of her first term, her campaign said in a fact sheet released Sunday as it also posted a video in which Clinton lays out her ambitions.

“We cannot wait any longer” to act on climate change, the Democratic front-runner says in the video. “It’s time we stand for a healthier climate, stand for cleaner air, for science, for innovation, for our children, for reality, for the future.”

Say, I wonder how many solar panels are on her homes? I’m betting she won’t answer. Right now, though, she has gone all in on this patronizing push

Nothing says “environmental concerns” like covering up the ground with solar panels and placing concrete pads (concrete is considered to be bad for climate change) for wind turbines despoiling nature.

Says the woman who flew almost a million miles during her tenure at State, and considered that to be a Major Accomplishment. And will take quite a bit of fossil fueled flights and auto travel as she runs for President.

Notice the cute little change of her “H” symbol

About a dozen orange-shirted members of NextGen Climate Iowa, the state branch of the super-PAC founded and funded by billionaire investor and climate activist Tom Steyer, watched Clinton speak on Sunday and then waited in line to pose for a group photo with Clinton. Steyer is using his wealth to support candidates and groups that back his approach to climate change, and has already given the primary maximum $2,700 to Clinton and hosted a fundraiser for her at his San Francisco home.

Ah. It’s about the outside money from uber-Warmist Tom Steyer. Her campaign will supposedly release more information on her invented positions in the months to come. I wonder if this will include giving lots of taxpayer money to companies, many of them backed by the Chinese government, that will fail?

Does she support solar and wind farms that kill lots of birds? Does she approve of putting a solar farm in the Mojave Desert, something Democrats have already blocked? How about hydro-electric dams? That’s a sticky-wicket, since the enviro-wacko base is dead set against that type of renewable energy.

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