Yet Another Untruth From Al Gore: Increased Tree Mortality

The international liberal elite had better figure out a way to shut up Al Gore if they are going to use the global warming hoax to impose worldwide socialism. The Goracle does rally the left’s brain-dead base, but the rest of us are well aware that nothing this figure of fun bellows is true. Among his latest howlers is a claim that tree mortality has increased due to the nonexistent carbon crisis.

Describing a “runaway melt” of the Earth’s ice, rising tree mortality and prospects of severe water scarcities, Gore told a UN audience: “In the face of effects like these, clear evidence that only reckless fools would ignore, I feel a sense of frustration” at the lack of agreement so far.

Back on planet earth, vegetation has been increasing significantly — due in part to the increased C02 that according to Gore is making all the trees die. As those who scored higher than a D in natural sciences would know, the more CO2 there is, the faster plants grow. Watts Up With That quotes the hoax-hawking IPCC itself:

Satellite-derived estimates of global net primary production from satellite data of vegetation indexes indicate a 6% increase from 1982 to 1999, with large increases in tropical ecosystems … Northern Hemisphere vegetation activity has increased in magnitude by 12% in Eurasia and by 8% in North America from 1981 to 1999.

Vegetation is also way up in Australia, Canada, and even Northern Africa.

Prepare to be told that oxygen increases animal mortality, when clueless liberal authoritarians like Gore control the healthcare system.

Rule of thumb: If Gore said it, it isn’t true.

On a tip from Edward. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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