10 Reasons It Must Be Great to Be Joe Biden

10 Reasons It Must Be Great to Be Joe Biden

It must be an amazing feeling for a mediocrity like Joe Biden to run for President. All he has to do is show up and he’s treated like he was the one who pulled Excalibur from the Stone and was destined to rule America. In a real sense, Joe Biden hasn’t even run a real campaign for the Presidency. He doesn’t have any signature issues. He has probably spent less time campaigning than anyone running in our lifetimes. His campaign has been mostly platitudes, gaffes, and hiding in his basement and yet, he could be our next President. If you think about it, it is amazing how good it is to be Joe Biden. When you are Joe Biden, this is your life…

1) You can steal credit for things the Trump administration is already doing to fight COVID-19 while saying meaningless things like, “I’d listen to the scientists,” and people act as if you have some kind of real plan to deal with the coronavirus.

2) You can have dementia so bad your family is probably frightened to leave you home by yourself, but as long as you kind of hold it together for an hour or two, people ignore your frequent mental lapses and think you’re fine to handle the world’s most stressful and important job.

3) Any Republican who had done a eulogy for an Exalted Cyclops of the KKK like Robert Byrd and had rather famously opposed busing would be declared the biggest racist ever to enter the White House, but Joe Biden gets a complete pass.

4) You can change your position on issues like fracking and fossil fuels depending on what audience you are talking to and much of the mainstream media will try to cover for you.

5) You can be in government since 1972 with little to show for it other than a reputation for gaffes, being considered to have terrible judgment about foreign policy, and a major crime bill that you now condemn, and you still get treated like someone worthy of being President of the United States.

6) Even if you’re too old, feeble, and unhealthy to run anything more than a shadow presidential campaign, the lapdog press will treat it as perfectly normal and have no concerns about whether you can handle the Presidency.

7) You can make it through the entire campaign season without ever really having to answer critical questions about the consequences of your open borders immigration policy and whether you are behind radical policies that could destabilize our whole nation like getting rid of the legislative filibuster or stacking the Supreme Court.

8) You can have the most powerful social media companies in the world hide information that hurts you, censor your political enemies, and enforce a completely different set of rules for you and your supporters than they do for your opponents.

9) Your supporters in BlackLivesMatter and Antifa can spend the whole summer rioting, looting, and rampaging through American cities while your campaign staff helps to bail them out of jail and you barely get asked about it at all. When you do, you offer up nothing more than platitudes about how you oppose political violence while you condemn the police at every turn and that does not prompt any tough questions.

10) You can be in the middle of a massive laptop scandal that features pornographic pictures of your son, allegations you knew your son was naked in front of a minor, allegations of money laundering, allegations of payments from the Chinese, and an FBI investigation, yet the mainstream press refuses to cover it other than to try to discredit the whole thing in order to help you.

This originally appeared at Bongino.com

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