10 Signs A Man Hasn’t Grown Up Yet

10 Signs A Man Hasn’t Grown Up Yet

But, if you’re not going to talk about the crisis in manhood, the fatherhood crisis, the lack of fathers in the home, the cultural breakdown, the cultural rot, the societal rot we’re undergoing right now as fatherless children grow up in areas with no schools, no economy, no future, no hospitals, and no nothing, then I’m dismissing you as a serious person. – Dan Bongino

[dropcap]Dan[/dropcap] did a fantastic video about the manhood crisis we have in America and it hit home because contrary to what so many people seem to believe, we live in an overly feminized culture filled with “men” that haven’t grown up yet. We treat boys that turn 18 like they’re men, but the truth is a lot of them don’t meet that standard in any way that matters. We live in a prosperous nation and a lot of us have been coddled our whole lives. There are many college-age guys that have never done anything of significance because mommy and daddy have always done it for them, so they’ve never had to be men. For other boys, daddy wasn’t around, mommy was working constantly, and they never had a man teach them how to take care of their business. There are even some guys who grow up slow because our permissive culture doesn’t make them pay the sort of heavy toll for being a man-child that most cultures have charged throughout history. If you see yourself in this article, do something about it. Some men go their whole lives without ever growing up. Don’t be one of them.

How can you tell a man hasn’t grown up yet?

1) His life is centered around the consumption of other people’s products: If your life is centered around enjoying video games, TV, drugs, pornography, social media, anime, comic books, or any other product designed to be an opiate of the masses, you’re just a nameless cog in someone else’s wheel, not a man making the most of his own life.

2) He doesn’t want to pay his own way: You can’t say you’re a man if you’re still living with mommy and daddy or relying on the government to give you other people’s money to pay your bills. Boys rely on other people to provide for them. Men are determined to find a way to pay their own bills.

3) You can’t count on him: These are the guys that don’t show up and “forget” to call. They don’t pay the power bill because they spent that money at the bar. They forgot their girlfriend’s birthday again, disappear when it’s time to do hard work and if you loan him $20 for dinner, you are never seeing that again. You can’t ever just take guys like this at their word when they say that they’ll handle something because like a little boy, they need to be nagged and helped along to get anything done.

4) He’s emotionally unstable: He’s constantly upset over nothing, can’t control his fear or his temper, is unstable or on the verge of falling apart. Anyone can go through a rough patch, but the immature “men” buy into the lie that says that’s “just the way they are,” as if millions of other men haven’t found a way to successfully work through those same issues.

5) He’s passive-aggressive: If a man is upset with you, you’ll know it while a boy tends to be passive-aggressive because if he says exactly what he thinks to an adult, he might get in trouble. It’s annoying when boys do this and downright pathetic when “men” do it.

6) When the going gets tough, he doesn’t get going: It doesn’t matter who you are, life is going to test you. When the difficulty level ramps up and you have to push yourself to pass a class you don’t like, deal with a boss because you need a job, keep coming after you get punched in the face, or stand tall for what you believe in, even when there may be a price to pay for it, men have enough grit to manage it while boys crumble. It’s true that you can’t “win ‘em all,” but you’d be surprised at how often a man can keep himself in the game with sheer determination.

7) He’s drifting through life: These are guys with no ambition, no goals, and no real plans. They’re just existing, reacting to life as it comes at them, like a log floating down a river. Unfortunately, without mommy and daddy telling them what to do, their life seems destined to drift way off course.

8) He has an immature view of relationships: There are a lot of variations on this theme, but almost all of them are tied to men refusing to view women as autonomous human beings with wants and needs just as important as their own. Maybe they think all women are b*tches, they think women are only good for sex, or they’ve simply sworn off women altogether because they’re convinced they’re too difficult to deal with. In other words, these are people that have trouble seeing women as anything other than objects they can use to meet their own needs.

9) He can’t hold a job: To hold even the lousiest job, you have to show up on time, correctly perform basic tasks, and do things you don’t want to do. Men who can’t hack this float from job-to-job and end up being the sort of people demanding that the government raise the minimum wage because they are incapable of ever being worth more than what someone is forced to pay them.

10) He can’t handle conflict: These are the guys that ghost a woman they’ve been dating rather than tell her they don’t want to see her anymore. They can be huge jerks online, but in person, they’re scared to talk to a manager or need a “safe space” because they can’t handle the idea that someone disagrees with them. On the other hand, maybe they go in the opposite direction. When they get upset, they scream and pick fights like a brat in the middle of a tantrum. Whatever their malfunction may be, they just can’t handle a dispute like a man.

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should KnowHis new website is CryptoNewsLinks.com. This originally appeared at Bongino.com.

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