20 Corrosive Liberal Beliefs That Are Destroying America

20 Corrosive Liberal Beliefs That Are Destroying America

There are no perfect people other than Jesus and we conservatives certainly have our share of flaws. However, the vast majority of the serious problems we have in America are a result of liberal beliefs. It doesn’t mean there aren’t some conservatives that are bad actors or that every liberal believes everything on this list, but every corrosive belief you are about to see is mainstream on the Left. Unless liberals can reform themselves, or less likely, can be relegated to the sidelines, the country is unlikely to survive the damage these kinds of beliefs will cumulatively do to our society over the next few decades. Many liberals believe…

1) It’s acceptable to accuse people of racism without proof and with no consequences if you’re wrong.

2) That you can change gender just because you decide to do it and that, worse yet, everyone else must ignore science and biology and pretend you are whatever gender you claim to be even if it isn’t true.

3) That the correct way to deal with people that say things liberals disagree with is to censor them and prevent them from having their opinions heard at all.

4) That we can have a multi-cultural, multi-racial society, while liberals simultaneously encourage all these groups to separate themselves off and hate members of other groups.

5) That the only reason anyone could disagree with a liberal policy is hate and bigotry.

6) That people shouldn’t try to learn from the rich and successful because those people must have cheated somehow to have gotten ahead.

7) That politics has to be part of EVERYTHING from entertainment, to pro-sports, to business, to education. Anywhere liberals get a foothold, the first thing they do is aggressively use it to shove radical liberal views in your face.

8) That it’s okay for college-age men to be tarred as rapists in a college kangaroo court that is stacked against them based on flimsy evidence.

9) That there is no difference between an immigrant who follows our laws and comes here legally and an illegal alien who comes here illegally, acquires forged documentation, and doesn’t even speak our language.

10) That socialism, which has proven to be an economic disaster all over the world is superior to capitalism, which has undeniably lifted more people out of poverty than any other economic system known to man.

11) That big government is the answer to every problem, even though we can never hold it responsible for its endless failures, poor performance, and out-of-control costs.

12) That we can borrow as much money as we want, forevermore, without consequence or without ever having to pay it back.

13) That the news media isn’t all about reporting facts or telling people what happened. On the contrary, to liberals, the news business is nothing more than a way to spread propaganda helpful to their cause and hurts the other side.

14) If you need a “safe space,” want “personal pronouns,” or think you’re a different sex than you were born as, liberals believe that’s everyone else’s problem, not your problem. They believe it’s everyone else’s responsibility to cater to your personal issues, weaknesses, and failings instead of your responsibility to deal with your own issues.

15) That despite the fact America is the most successful, prosperous nation in history, it’s actually a terrible, awful, hateful, unjust, racist country that needs to be changed from top to bottom.

16) That great American heroes of the past who changed this country for the better should be reviled because they held some beliefs that were normal for the times they lived in, but that we find repellant today.

17) That people who don’t agree with them on scientific issues, “don’t believe in science.”

18) That a police officer that kills a violent, armed black man that attacks them automatically went too far and is a racist if they happen to be white.

19) It’s okay for protesters to loot, riot, attack people they disagree with, and break the law, practically with impunity, as long as they’re protesting for a cause that liberals agree with.

20) That every good thing you’ve said, done, and accomplished is less important than one bad joke or offensive tweet, even if you said it years ago.

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know. You can find him on Parler here. This originally appeared on Bongino.com.

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