20 Reasons Why People Hate Liberalism

20 Reasons Why People Hate Liberalism

Liberalism is…

1) …a dork calling you a fascist right before he gets together with a large group of his mask-wearing friends to smash windows and violently attack random strangers 30-to-1 in an effort to silence and intimidate everyone he disagrees with.

2) …someone who chants “2, 4, 6, 8… America was never great!” at a protest on July 4th and then gets offended when they’re call unpatriotic.

3) …a tech monopoly censoring you because they disagree with your beliefs while lying about why they’re doing it and turning a blind eye to liberals actually doing what they’re accusing you of doing,

4) …denying that you promote pedophilia while excusing pedophiles, pushing drag queen story hours for kids, and encouraging children to dress in drag so they can perform in gay bars.

5) …screaming at people for wearing a MAGA hat or trying to run them out of restaurants while you criticize OTHER PEOPLE for their intolerance.

6) …lying incessantly to the public to get Obamacare passed, ignoring all the criticisms of the plan (which all turned out to be right), laughing at the people who suffered because of your mistake, and then demanding to be put in charge of implementing Medicare for all, which will be even worse than your original plan.

7) …accusing some poor, laid-off factory worker with a high school education of being a racist with white privilege while pretending that Barrack Obama, Kamala Harris, and Al Sharpton aren’t some of the most privileged people in America.

8) …treating a dumb, trollish 29-year-old bartender who gets elected to Congress like a hero because she talks about redesigning the world’s most successful economy from top-to-bottom to make it more like socialistic economies that lead to people eating zoo animals to survive.

9) …a person who ignores whatever argument you make and reflexively takes the opposite position because of imaginary evil motives they accuse you of having that make no logical sense.

10) …someone who thinks being personally offended, unfairly accused or disrespected is an obvious outrage that shouldn’t be allowed but doing the exact same things to you is just how the world is supposed to work.

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