7 Attitudes That Make Liberals So Intolerable

7 Attitudes That Make Liberals So Intolerable

Modern liberalism is a toxic influence on our culture, on our country, and on the world. There are perfectly nice, likable, relatively reasonable (at least when it comes to their own lives) liberals out there. I’ve met them and genuinely like some of them. But liberalism is becoming pure arsenic being pumped into the veins of everything that’s good, true, and worth preserving, and I think we’re getting to the point where it’s reasonable to ask if the country can continue to hold together long-term because of its impact. Attitudes widely adopted by the American Left are genuinely dangerous and make them absolutely intolerable to normal people. For example:

1) Good policy has nothing to do with whether it makes people’s lives better: When it comes to political policy, liberals are children playing with explosives. They don’t care whether the ideas they propose work or not, but they do care a great deal about how those policies make them feel and look to other people. As an example, a program aimed at helping the poor is judged by how compassionate it makes liberals feel and how well it does at the polls, not whether it actually helps poor people. When you are dealing with modern liberals, you are dealing with people who simply don’t care if a policy makes the country better or worse.

2) They are the most intolerant people on earth: Modern liberalism embraces censorship, hates free speech, and can’t even take a joke. Liberals are like the fun police, constantly on patrol, looking for something they can claim to be offended about. They are now so habitually over-the-top in describing things they disagree with that you’d think we were living in Nazi Germany or in their beloved Soviet Union during a purge. Every little thing that offends is “white supremacy,” “Nazism,” or “another Holocaust.” Angry, hyper-sensitive liberals that can’t tolerate free thought aren’t just miserable people, their intolerance makes everyone forced to deal with them miserable as well.

3) They’re so smug, even though they have no reason to be: Liberalism is a 16-year-old girl lecturing everyone on global warming, a not particularly bright 29-year-old bartender from Queens explaining how we need to redesign our entire economy, and a president lying about every facet of an overhaul of our healthcare system and then acting like it was all for our own good when all of his lies were exposed. It’s people with no morals that are absolutely sure that they are morally superior to everyone else, intellectuals that couldn’t handle running a third shift at a convenience store that believe they’re smarter than everyone else, and people who are absolutely obsessed with race calling everyone else racists. Narcissism and liberalism go together like peanut butter and jelly at this point.

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