7 Disturbing Episodes Of Left-Wing Violence That Have Occurred Since Trump Was Elected

7 Disturbing Episodes Of Left-Wing Violence That Have Occurred Since Trump Was Elected

Left-wing radicalism and violence is nothing new. Just as Democrats in the KKK that thought they were justified in lynching black men who supported those awful Republicans or liberal terrorists in the sixties felt justified in murdering or bombing people they disagreed with, there are liberals today that feel justified in using violence against their political adversaries. Whether you’re talking about the KKK, the Black Panthers, the Weathermen, or Antifa, terrorism and political violence have always gone hand-in-hand with the Democratic Party.

There have been literally hundreds of episodes that feature threats, violence or vandalism aimed at conservatives since Trump was elected, but these stuck out either because of how over-the-top they were or because they were aimed at ordinary people whose “crime” was somehow showing support for the current President of the United States.

1) The Congressional Softball Shooting: In June of 2017, diehard Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson opened fire on Republican members of Congress at a softball practice. Four people were shot, including Republican Congressman Steve Scalise. Capitol Hill police shot and killed Hodgkinson and had they not been there, Rand Paul said, “Nobody would have survived…”

2) The Antifa Assault on Andy Ngo: In June of this year, the gay, Vietnamese editor of Quillette, Andy Ngo, was covering an Antifa rally in Portland, OR. Because Andy has done unfavorable coverage of Antifa before, they hate his guts and multiple members of Antifa assaulted him while the police did nothing. His camera equipment was stolen and he noted he was hit in the head multiple times with fists and weapons. He was also showered with milkshakes, which may be particularly significant since the Portland Police later said that some of the milkshakes appeared to have had quick-drying cement in them. Andy Ngo ended up with a brain hemorrhage and an older man named John Blum had his head gruesomely split open with a crowbar at the same rally.

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