A President Gone Wild

If five years of the Obama administration has taught us anything, it is that presidents do not need Congress to further their agenda. All they need is to surround themselves with “yes men” who share similar disrespect for the Constitution and its founders. It also helps to have a trusty pen and phone, as President Obama brags.

Susan Brown

There is something to be said, though, about precedence. Shortsighted Republicans who handed on a silver platter to the executive branch unparalleled power by way of the Patriot Act and TARP, should stop whining about what Obama is doing. What one administration does in moderation, the next will do in excess, especially if they are liberal.

Of course, there is a vast difference between executing the Patriot Act after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and Obama mass producing executive orders in the name of social justice and social engineering like a president, gone wild.

But this really is his only option, post-neutering, thanks to the Tea Party-led victories during the 2010 midterm elections when conservatives rose to take a stand against thickheaded blowhards in the Democrat Party who overplayed their hand in the dubious: midnight: passage of Obamacare. In handing the House to the GOP, voters sent a clear message to Democrats: Their agenda was not in sync with the American people or common sense, for that matter.

A good leader would have respected the will of the people and risen to the occasion by humbly rolling up his sleeves to join the team, including recalcitrant conservatives. But the premise of leadership can be quite vexing to a lone wolf. Leadership, by definition, demands an understanding of, and the ability to relate to, the people you are called to lead. All of them.

Why lead, when you have a pen and phone? The administration is quite comfortable slithering around in the gray. It is beyond me how anyone can take any of them seriously, listening to the president rant on and on about income inequality, and his wife, about nutrition, and then watch them host six-figure galas with not-so-nutritious 2500-calorie meals. All that was missing from the recent state dinner for French President Francois Hollande was an outburst of “Let them eat cake” by the First Lady in her $12,000 gown. Sure, prior presidents hosted state dinners, but not while preaching the secularist gospel of social justice and income inequality. That’s what tyrants do!

Obviously, this is not about social justice. Follow the cake crumbs back to the executive orders and cabinet level policies and you will find social engineering at every level. Federal intrusion into our personal lives from our cellphones and computers, school yards and clergy pulpits, to the military and sporting events, reflect the Statist-Progressive-Liberal-Democrat goal to level everything and everyone (except themselves) into a big lump of sameness, replacing our diversely colored world with an opaque blanket of homogeneity.

And they will not stop until everything Americans once held dear is turned on its head. For example, the recent push for gay rights did not happen by accident, but is an obvious effort by the administration to incorporate into the American way of life what activists are unable to incorporate into federal law.

Consider: The so-called school “bullying campaign that wasn’t really about bullying…Obama’s gay marriage beliefs evolving…using the Sochi Winter Olympics to promote gay athletes… Michelle Obama’s tweet lauding the courage of a gay NFL player (I guess I missed the one she sent to Tim Tebow).

It is past time to get back to our Constitutional roots. If one good thing can come from the Obama administration it is the lesson learned that governments should not be trusted, particularly one that will go to any length to legislate their personal beliefs on the American people against their will.

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