A World of Hypocrisy

The gathering storms of the world have paused momentarily, at least for me, as I stare in awe at the majestic beauty of the mountains of Montana; an amazing triumph of nature as far as the eye can see. Picturesque and astounding beyond what a camera lens can capture or an artist replicate. This moment is an opportunity for the cobwebs of the mind to clear as I contemplate the growing and dangerous hypocrisy of the world.

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Today, we find ourselves compromising with evil as they clearly call for our extinction. Yet our President admonishes anyone skeptical and rejecting of the nuclear agreement with Iran, the world’s largest and foremost aggressive instigator and supporter of modern day terrorism, referring to them as “crazies”. In typical Obama machinations, he walked back that comment once the demonization was accomplished.

Most Democratic Senators and Congressman are pacing the floor trying to decide which has greater importance, the fate of the country or their Party’s failed ideology – as if there is a choice.  And those who support this disaster in the making explain it away without practicality or a hint of historical realism. Would we have negotiated with Hitler if Germany had been a nuclear threshold state with ICBM’s to boot? If we had, I doubt we’d be here today.

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Thoughts turn to the hypocritical reaction and commentary surrounding the racial divide enflamed and growing in the US by the insufferable weight of political correctness.  Making one scratch his head until it bleeds is a recent declaration by leftists that a politician suggesting “all lives matter” deserves an apology. Even more appalling is the politician apologized for what – believing all God’s creatures matter? Or, how about the feckless silence of President Obama in the aftermath of the senseless murder of a beautiful young lady in San Francisco named Kate by an illegal alien but passionately defends a thug from Missouri. Such callous tendencies astound the people of this great country leaving them saddened, dismayed and angry at his callousness.  As senseless, the term “illegal alien” has become a deplorable description for those ILLEGALLY entering the country, breaking laws and murdering our citizens.

When a presidential candidate garners vast support from his Party for bluntly stating what others shy from, most of the media ridiculously focuses on his contempt of a news commentator rather than the substance of his message. He is accused of racism for correctly describing our unsecured borders as national suicide.  Yet, a former Secretary of State usurping our national security with her non-secured server, will probably receive a pardon and then forgiven.

Also glossed over and protected by media hypocrisy is the Obama Administration who has spent the country into almost 19 trillion debt, pulverized the middle class, divided us as never before and weakened our military defenses to perhaps the lowest levels of power and preparedness in this most dangerous moment in time. He will never be vetted for whom he really is or fairly faulted for what he has wrought. The true “crazies” and reckless are those who believe depleting our super power status will somehow win the friendship of our enemies.

Crashing thunder and lightning are striking around the world and here at home.  But here in the mountains of Montana and for a serene moment with a slight cool breeze, this old world seems calm. Here’s hoping we will soon return to what were before the sun sets over the mountainous ridge and the darkness of night is upon us.

William Pollack is a broadcast and cinema entrepreneur based in Memphis, TN

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