ACLJ Demands An End To American Assistance To Al Qaeda

The United States is at war with al Qaeda; it must not help al Qaeda. Syrian rebels affiliated with al Qaeda and other jihadist groups are committing unspeakable atrocities across Syria, even while Congress is debating intervention. They murdered a Catholic priest. They slaughtered civilians and regime prisoners. They cut out and ate the hearts of their enemies and brazenly recorded it for the Internet. The Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons is horrific, but the U.S. must not support jihad in Syria.

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The: ACLJ: issued a petition to Stop U.S. Assistance to al Qaeda in Syria which may be signed here::

Dear President Obama: As America responds to the Assad regime’s horrific and criminal use of chemical weapons, do not permit American weapons and Americans soldiers to be used in any way that would expose Christians to genocide and advance al Qaeda and its jihadists allies in Syria.

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Led by Chief Counsel: Jay Sekulow, the ACLJ focuses on constitutional and human rights law worldwide. Based in Washington, D.C., with affiliated offices in Israel, Russia, Kenya, France, Pakistan, and Zimbabwe, the ACLJ is pro-life and dedicated to the ideal that religious freedom and freedom of speech are inalienable, God-given rights for all people. The ACLJ engages legal, legislative, and cultural issues by implementing an effective strategy of advocacy, education, and litigation that includes representing clients before the Supreme Court of the United States and international tribunals around the globe.

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