ACLJ & Jay Sekulow Say IRS Stop Snooping

ACLJ & Jay Sekulow Say IRS Stop Snooping

The ACLJ &: Jay Sekulow: have recently introduced a petition calling upon the IRS to stop snooping — and a petition can be found at::

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Did you know the IRS believes you don’t have a “reasonable expectation of privacy” in your own emails? Did you know the IRS believes it can read your emails without even getting a search warrant? Defying the Constitution, the IRS has informed its agents that they can read taxpayer emails without a warrant, opening up your private life to the prying eyes of the IRS, an agency with dramatically expanded powers after Obamacare. This has to stop.

Petition to Stop IRS Snooping – To the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate:

IRS access to our private emails is intolerable. Hold hearings to determine the extent of the IRS’s unconstitutional access to Americans’ emails. Amend the Electronic Communications Privacy Act to prevent government access to private emails without a search warrant. Demand strict compliance from the IRS. Defend the most basic rights of Americans to be free of unreasonable government searches.

More info on the: ACLJ: is available at:

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