Alt-Left Insanity: Forget Those 1,197,704 Violent Crimes, ‘Abolish the Police!’

Alt-Left Insanity: Forget Those 1,197,704 Violent Crimes, ‘Abolish the Police!’

In a week where we’re getting a new Supreme Court justice, the alt-left has been supremely insane. They have moved into a complete panic about the world, blaming the end to their filibuster on divisive Republicans. Somehow they seem to forget a bit of the Supreme injustice they’ve inflicted on various right-leaning nominees. Does the term “Borking” remind you of something?

Then, in the aftermath of President Trump’s reaction to Syria, they seemed perplexed. Salon ran with the ultimate, alt-lefty spin: “DID PUTIN GIVE PERMISSION?” Liberals apparently forget that Russia is a nuclear power and has troops, planes, etc. in Syria and it would be viewed as less than neighborly to blow them up. To paraphrase a famous expression: You can’t please some of the people any of the time. Who cares? It’s Salon.

Not that Salon is alone any more. Jezebel, which is also part of the Univision empire of Hillary backer Haim Saban, launched a new political column. Here’s its descriptor: “Welcome to Barf Bag, a daily politics roundup to help you sort through the chaotic Trumpian news cycle.”

Aging folk singer update: As anyone who knows me realizes, I grew up listening to ‘60s folkies and still enjoy some mellow music. (Passenger, anyone?) So it’s sad to see a liberal icon fall on hard times. Watching Joan Baez (The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down) try to manufacture a protest song for the Trump era is downright embarrassing.

Baez’s Nasty Man is so lame and poorly delivered that it includes subtitles so you can follow along with classic lyrics like: “Hustlin’ and bustlin’” and “Fumblin’ and bumblin’.” She also refers to Trump as a “future dictator.” Really, this is the best she could do? To quote another ‘60s era performer: “It’s better to burn out, than it is to rust.”

F*** The Police … And Everyone Else, Too! Liberals hate the police. Alt-lefties get furious even when a celebrity gives a police officer a Pepsi in a commercial. (Pepsi is so bad, was that a crime?) Count on the loonies from Fusion to take it even farther. Here’s their description for this alt-lefty video: “Black Lives Matter activist explains how we can abolish the whole criminal justice system, including police—because it’s broken.” Got that? Abolish the whole criminal justice system. Why? We need to understand crooks because, (actual quote one): “Who hasn’t had a bad day?” Talk about a call for 2nd Amendment solutions. Khan launches the video with a screed against police. Actual quote two: “It’s just one bad apple, the whole damn tree is rotten.” She then proceeds to tell us “How to abolish the police,” because, yes, liberals actually think like this. According to this demented tripe, actual quote three, “the police’s sole responsibility is to manufacture criminals.” I guess that means that police once created someone who stole my car. Nope. Police found my car. Most likely, a drug-dealing skell (slang for criminal) stole my car. But maybe, that person was just having a bad day. In reality, he/she/it cost me $500 and made sure I had the bad day. And that’s just a property crime. The FBI says, “1,197,704 violent crimes occurred nationwide” in 2015. That includes more than 15,000 murders and more than 90,000 rapes. So when some lunatic tells you that you don’t need police, laugh in his or her face.

If I Were A Rich Man: It’s hard to outdo a call to end the police and turn to vigilante gangs, but Current Affairs might have managed it. The piece: “IT’S BASICALLY JUST IMMORAL TO BE RICH” is stunning in its idiocy. Sometimes you almost want to pay to have someone learn something. In this case, “progressive journalist” A.Q. Smith (Hint: Likely pen name so no one has to cope with feedback for this travesty.) could learn some things about the real world. For example: When government steals (taxes) everything above a certain level, motivation to achieve above that level disappears. So, this strategy doesn’t work. Actual quote: “if you possess billions of dollars, in a world where many people struggle because they do not have much money, you are an immoral person. The same is true if you possess hundreds of millions of dollars, or even millions of dollars. Being extremely wealthy is impossible to justify in a world containing deprivation.” Got that? According to the article, written by someone who apparently doesn’t grasp cost of living variances, the most one person has a right to earn and keep is $100,000. You get $50,000 extra with each child because, gosh that will pay for Harvard, never. Actual quote two: “We can define something like a ‘maximum moral income’ beyond which it’s obviously inexcusable not to give away all of your money.” I bet Current Affairs didn’t pay much for this garbage because the free market doesn’t want mindless commentary from people who still live on their parents’ dime or pretend to be Freegans. The rest of us know that there are incentives to being wealthy and that’s why some folks work so hard at it. Apparently, that’s not taught at Bernie Sanders U., where the author attended.

Embracing Your ‘Inner Woman Or Man’: Changing gender roles is not meant to be confused with changing dessert rolls. But it seems liberals swap both equally easy. That’s great for our good friends at Salon who are fighting desperately to keep their hardcore, alt-left audience in the face of other, just-as-ridiculous content. This week, the goofball site delivered a video that is tough to forget, under the headline: “WATCH: Sex educator Veronica Vera on the joys of cross-gender roles: ‘We all have an inner woman or an inner man or an inner opposite.’” Does that mean cross-dressers have inner selves who dress normally? Or is the inner voice of someone gay, instead straight? Or even, does Samantha Bee have an inner self that has talent? Actual quote: “For the past 25 years, she’s been heavily focused on running her school teaching the feminine arts to trans and cross-gender people, known cheekily as Miss Vera’s Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls.” So, when she’s not appearing as “a porn star,” she’s pushing a slightly liberal agenda. In the video, Vera “spoke about her belief that everyone could learn more about themselves by exploring cross gender play.” Liberals love this argument that everyone has to embrace their world view. This was mocked thoroughly in Team America: World Police. 

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