Alt-Left Insanity: Sports Site Wonders Which NBA Playoff Team Is Most Left-Wing

Alt-Left Insanity: Sports Site Wonders Which NBA Playoff Team Is Most Left-Wing

I’ve been getting a lot of “notoriety” for commenting about the extreme left and how it’s seized control from average, everyday nutty libs. Typically, this arrives in the form of hate mail.

Most times when you mock the left, paid liberal trolls attack you on Twitter. If your barbs hit close to home, then the number of places the alt-left attacks you increases. My recent record is five. My original piece on the alt-left for generated hate messages in: email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I even got angry phone calls.

My latest Fox piece detailed the scarily violent trend among liberals who now have lost their ever-loving minds. I explained how, “the liberal cold war against the right has escalated from demonization to intimidation, harassment and violence — with Trump administration officials and members of Congress as prime targets.”

Liberals, in the words of the most over-used movie quote ever, “can’t handle the truth.” This love note from Facebook was fairly typical: “asshole, start gettin ready to have your asses handed to you in 2018 cocksucker.” Another called me, “nuts” and added, “Good luck with your president.”

That’s a pretty standard alt-left argument. In modern terms, it dates to the first election of George W. Bush. That’s when liberals were furious that Al Gore wasn’t able to successfully game the recount to win Florida and the election. Liberals always maintain a politician or initiative isn’t legitimate if they oppose it.

That was the strategy during the George W. years. It’s been their Brexit strategy and now they’ve escalated it in the Trump era. The elected president’s actions aren’t legit because liberals lost. I’m paraphrasing the talented and brainy New York Post oped editor Seth Mandel to note you’d have to be about 25 to have been alive the last time the left accepted a presidential election result. (Sorry, Seth, I can’t find the Tweet!) You’d have to be at least 43 to have voted in that election.

Remember, alt-left loons rioted during the inauguration ceremony. Trump hadn’t done anything and the left was rioting and organizing a huge protest the next day. Arguing with the left about this is like arguing with a 2-year-old. I’m convinced I’m going to see a headline on one of these sites urging liberals to hold their breath until they turn blue.

It’s a battle that’s playing out in every form of media — even sports. And that takes us to this week’s craziness.

This Is Why Sports Coverage Stinks! Thanks, Deadspin! Ex-ESPN star Jason Whitlock argues that Deadspin helped destroy ESPN “The Uno.” (ESPN 8 “The Ocho” joke.) Whitlock argued that, as a result of Deadspin’s attacks, “ESPN chose to acquiesce and adopt progressive ideology and diversity as groundbreaking business innovations.” These days, Deadspin is part of the wacky Haim Saban media empire that is all “woke” all the time — in other words, delivering mindless, lefty prattle. Deadspin ran an article, apparently from its lunatic sister site Fusion, that spent more than 1,500 words explaining: “Which NBA Playoffs Team Is the Most Woke?” Unlike much of what Fusion writes, it’s not entirely foam-at-the-mouth lunacy. (Usually, they are claiming we live “in a time when we feel closer than ever to actual nuclear apocalypse” as part of a Jimmy Fallon story. Jimmy Fallon!) This was an apparent attempt to make light of their quest for alt-lefty activism from athletes. They even measured the teams by Kaepernicks — the Cleveland Cavaliers won with six Kaeps out of 10. Remember, “ludicrously rich sports leagues are inherently not-woke entities.” The real problem was the attempts at humor (God, please let this be an attempt at humor!) reads only slightly less imbecilic than the site’s real stories. You saw the Fallon article, here’s an actual quote from this one where the author criticizes the San Antonio Spurs. Try to see a difference: “Plus, a spur is basically a minor torture devise [sic] used to get a horse to do whatever the hell you want, which, if you think about it, makes it the perfect symbol for the way a capitalist society tries to leech every ounce of productivity from its workers.” Again, that appears to be humor. But it seems no different than the grade-school, alt-lefty rant against capitalism that was part of the most recent Dr. Who episode. So, either Fusion/Deadspin is gifting us with a pathetic attempt at humor on a nutball website or a typical attempt at woke garbage on a nutball website. Hardly a major difference.

Liberal Climate Change Weenies Are Insane: It’s easy to believe that today’s doomsayers have mental health issues. I’m talking about the Goreans who write, tweet, scream, post, blog, march and wail about climate change. There have always been end-of-the-worlders. Or crazy guys who stand on the corner with signs reading: “The End is Nigh!” (The End is Nye?) They’ve evolved, gotten government funding and better marketing. But their argument is still that the world is ending — and only they can stop it. So it’s unsurprising to see Alternet declare: “The Climate Crisis May Be Taking a Toll on Your Mental Health.” Duh, at least for liberals. The article claimed that climate change is a “mental health multiplier.” Actual quote one: “The findings are valid for all ethnicities and regions, so [there could be] more assault, murders and suicides and increase in unrest all over the world.” News flash, climate has always changed. Let’s blame every act of violence in history on climate! Even sadder, the article led its argument with a discussion of “tree mortality.” (Do you bury trees in wooden coffins?) Alternet was arguing about climate change because, “Millions of trees are dying across U.S. forests from drought, disease, insects and wildfire, much of it exacerbated by the climate crisis.” Sure, trees die. They are living things, after all. Except, the tree data we have turns out to be wrong. According to a new study published in Science, “Forests in drylands are much more extensive than previously reported and cover a total area similar to that of tropical rainforests or boreal forests. This increases estimates of global forest cover by at least 9%, a finding that will be important in estimating the terrestrial carbon sink.” The facts completely undercut (Booo!) the alt-left foundation of the story. So much for dead-tree arguments about mankind wiping out the global forests.

Donald Trump Is _______: The alt-left can’t let it go. President Donald Trump triggers them in embarrassing ways. Liberal websites are little different. Check out Alternet for the phrase above  and we get: “Donald Trump Is a Racist,” “Donald Trump Is Like a ‘Drunk Uncle,’” and “Donald Trump Is a Dictator in Training.” The Alternet gang loves playing Mad Libs — maybe because that’s what they are. This week we get, “The Video That Suggests Trump Is Suffering from Alzheimer’s.” This is hardly a new claim. Kooks from Joe Scarborough to Rob Reiner have been pretending Trump has a mental “disorder.” MSNBC has become a virtual psychiatrist’s couch. Each host and guest there must think he or she is a mixture of Dr. Bob Hartley and Dr. George Huang. This latest piece begins with a typical alt-lefty subtle, actual quote: “The most egregious parts of Donald Trump’s personality—his racism, his misogyny and his lack of scruples or ethics—have been on display for more than four decades.” To Alternet, Trump has become “an even more extreme version of himself.” Naturally, libs think he’s nuts. Actual quote two: “The behaviors that accompany that shift could be closely correlated with dementia and a general cognitive decline.” The article even quoted a former NFLer, saying, “Donald Trump is the poster boy for Alzheimer’s disease.” Remember, liberals think every Republican president is crazy, evil or stupid or some combo of the three. In their world, Reagan was crazy because he was old like Trump; George H. W. Bush was evil because he ran the CIA and Bush II was evil and stupid. The alt-left never gets a new playbook. It’s rerun season every day.

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