America is Not Exceptional

Rules are meant to be broken says the rabble rouser, the rebel with a cause, the tens of thousands following in the footsteps of provocateur Andrew Breitbart. The rule of the land had mirrored that of the illusion–we were the best. It is gone–and may never be repaired.

Conservative thought-leader Thomas Sowell warned years ago that America is not exempt from the rules that govern all past nation-states. He went further to question that America may have in fact already fallen without us being aware of it. There will be no sudden end. Rather, as those who compare us to ancient Rome have said, we are in the midst of a slow drift to destruction.

I’ve explained to hundreds of activists across the country that one man can’t destroy what makes America America. Turns out, America was destroyed by tens of millions who voted for cheap, small-minded politics and policies that are still killing jobs as exhibited by the worst post-election dip in the Dow Jones Industrial average since 1948. Blame is also shared by millions more who decided to stay home on Election Day, apathetic about the course of the country.

One of the few things academics find consensus on in regards to politics is that America is a center-right country. Or whatever–I’m not sure what that means anymore. Also, most agree that exceptionalism isn’t unbreakable.

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Exceptionalism cannot be reduced to a bumper sticker, nor can we wish it into existence. America cannot point to its historical record to make the case that it exists now. There is no evidence that America is in fact, exceptional. It troubles me to write such words.

The cliche, “this is the most important election of our lifetimes,” rang true because it was in fact true. America’s future is filled with dramatic crossroads and consequences that both sides will shout about. It’ll be emotional and feel the very same way this election felt. Leaders across the political spectrum are ready to proclaim an issue that strikes a chord with the American people is the next big assault on liberty. It’ll be half true. And it won’t matter.

Understand this much, future generations will not live in an as free America as I was born in. It’s not just improbability, it’s an impossibility.

There is a problem with the electorate.

Don’t misunderstand me: Republicans have a demographic problem and Democrats are headed for more than a mathematical rounding error that will eventually leave our country looking a lot like the failed state of California. The electorate itself is destitute, rejects personal responsibility as a standard to governing their lives, and equates commonly shared problems to the federal government “providing for the common good.”

Objective fiscal sanity could not find a simple majority, even with Death’s cold breathe on our necks.

I cannot tell you what it will look like, but it’s coming. I will continue to fight. I will try saving a generation from the burden of the flawed thinking passed down to us. When asked why I continue to fight when I cannot win, I will reply: I fight to fight.

There is nothing exceptional about fighting; but it is noble, it is good, and God still graces His people with miracles.

What is known: We proved ourselves to be the rule, not the exception.

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