And Then There Was One

I am not a #NeverTrump guy. I never have been. I’ve jokingly said things like it, but I was never #NeverTrump. I also said I was never an “Only Cruz” guy. Like Levin, Beck and very few other prominent conservatives, I have become an “Always Constitution” voter. Cruz was our guy because he was the closest we may ever come to “Always Constitution.”

Brent Smith

From the start, I didn’t care who the nominee was, as long as they could remain true to the Constitution. I understand being true to the Constitution is impossible today, even for Ted, but if Jeb Bush came out early on and had a provable, demonstrable conversion to constitutional conservatism, I could have just as easily been a Jeb Bush guy. Fat chance of that happening.

This is what many don’t seem to understand, or if they do, they don’t disseminate, either accidentally or purposely. For some #NeverTrump folks I’m sure there opposition is establishment sour grapes, but not for voters like us.

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Rush, Sean, virtually the entire Fox News Crew and many other conservatives only characterize #NeverTrump voters as the establishment. You must be one or the other. Very rarely, if ever do they mention real principled constitutionalists as those who cannot and will not pull the lever for The Donald. This is quite frustrating.

I believe I know why they do it. I think it’s a veiled attempt to convince us that to abstain from voting for Trump is a defacto vote for Hillary, thus becoming unwitting stooges for the establishment RINOs. Naturally no conservative wants to be classified as an establishment stooge, so therefore we must get on board the Trump train to prove our anti-establishment bona-fides.

There are too many self-proclaimed conservatives in this country who appear happy to accept what a candidate says in a speech without a scintilla of evidence he is telling the truth and will then follow through with those promises after the election is over. How many times do we have to experience this before voters wise up?

So why all of the sudden are things so different when it comes to Trump? Is it because he’s not a “politician” that he gets a pass? Is it just his anti-establishment rhetoric or the ferocity in which he says it? Or is it his blue collar bombast? Obviously it’s a combination of all, being that Ted Cruz also laid claim to much of what Trump has proposed, yet didn’t evoke the same guttural response or blind, fawning praise.

When questioned by listeners both Rush and Sean repeat the claim that neither they nor anyone has the power to sway voters to vote for or not vote for Trump. They say that’s what the main stream media does for democrats. They are both right and wrong. It’s always been Sean, Rush and Fox that conservatives trust to properly, honestly advise and guide them to make the correct political decisions. It’s a big responsibility and one they have not taken lightly over the years, until now.

Many don’t or can’t take the time to really research candidates, so we/they depend on these stalwart conservatives to guide our way. This is another reason I believe Trump is so successful. Sure, he has portrayed himself as the brash no nonsense conservative candidate who will fight and beat the left, but it is Fox and Rush and Sean who have given him a pass and refused to treat Trump as they did Obama before 2008.

If you recall they constantly dredged up video and audio of Obama clearly contradicting every statement he made as a candidate – showing the real Obama. Like Obama, there is all the contradictory evidence one would need to see or hear that either Trump was lying then or is lying now.

But some conservatives would respond – why would they do that? Why would they trash Trump? He’s one of us. It’s not a matter of trashing him. It’s a matter of honest reporting – not just taking his word that he will do what he tells us now. It’s called vetting, which we seem to be all for when it comes to Muslim refugees, but not for the most important job on the planet.

Yet Sean says he can tell us where Trump stands on every issue. Respectfully – NO HE CAN’T. He can tell us all where Donald SAYS he stands today.

As some apologists have said, he certainly has the right to change his mind, does he not? Of course and if it were only one or two, I might accept it, but over the years he has contradicted virtually every stance he currently holds – from immigration to abortion to taxes and everything in between.

Given his past statements, views, relationships with leftists and gaming the system for his own gain, I don’t trust Trump to do anything he is currently saying he will do.

For me, it’s gotten to the point where I believe there is no longer a “lesser of two evils.”

If Trump is elected and governs as a constitutional conservative, I will happily admit I was wrong. One way or the other, I doubt I’ll have to.

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