Another White Academic Has Been Fired Over Racism

On November 12, 2015 Dr. Andrea Quenette was conducting a Masters level communications seminar, required by students who wish to teach public speaking to under-grads.

Brent Smith

One of the graduate students apparently posed a question to the small class. “In light of last night’s university-wide town hall meeting about race and discrimination on campus, what is the best approach to talk about that event and these issues with our students?”

Of course this has nothing at all to with public speaking, unless one wishes to major in community agitation, but still the politically correct skulls full of mush (hat tip – Rush) began discussing possible ways to bring these issues up in their classes.

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It was then that professor Quenette, a 33 year old white woman, said: “As a white woman I just never have seen the racism. … It’s not like I see ‘nigger’ spray painted on walls.” Quenette said she was comparing her university to the University of Missouri at Columbia, where many students reported seeing and hearing the word – which is also a lie. Quenette added that she was citing that word as an example of the discrimination they face – which they don’t, except in the heads.

She then proceeded to pound the final nail into her racist coffin by having the temerity to say the reason black student retention isn’t as high as other races is that, “Those students are not leaving school because they are physically threatened everyday but because of academic performance.”

Well, this, as you could imagine did not sit well with the whiney graduate students whose mantra appears to be: sticks and stones may break my bones but words will scar me forever.

Interestingly, the professor recounted that she would have “apologized ‘in the moment’ if anyone had responded, but no one did, so she continued the discussion.” It wasn’t until well after class that students penned an open letter entitled, “An Open Letter Calling for the Termination of Dr. Andrea Quenette for Racial Discrimination.”

The ridiculously long letter could have and may have been written by someone from Black Lives Matter. The letter was filed with the “university’s Office of Institutional Opportunity and Access.” And we wonder why college is so expensive – having to support worthless departments like the Office of Institutional Opportunity and Access.

“As you can imagine, this utterance caused shock and disbelief,” the supposed authors wrote. “Her comments that followed were even more disparaging as they articulated not only her lack of awareness of racial discrimination and violence on this campus and elsewhere but an active denial of institutional, structural, and individual racism.” Again – if what she said was so disparaging, why did no one speak up?

Another interesting factoid that wasn’t widely reported is that some of the students who supposedly authored the letter were not even in the class. But this is racism, so we’re not allowed to question their validity or motive.

So how did things turnout? Well, in March of this year “The University of Kansas on Friday [18th] informed Andrea M. Quenette, assistant professor of communication studies, that she has been cleared of wrongdoing in an investigation over comments she made about race in a graduate course in November.”

So that was it, right? Not a chance. Leftists don’t just give up a good cause just because it might ruin a young professor’s career and who just happened to be under tenure review. Don’t be silly.

AP reported on May 24th that last week the University of Kansas did what all spineless academic institutions do – they fired Andrea, or rather that “she would not be reappointed to her job after the spring 2017 semester.” So bye-bye reputation and bye-bye tenure. What chance does she have at teaching now except for the Waterboy, Bobby Boucher’s alma-mater South Central Louisiana State University (which is fictional).

“I’ve been very powerless throughout the entire situation,” Quenette said. “I still believe that I was assumed guilty, and I had to prove my innocence for all of the issues.” And of course she was found to be innocent, but that didn’t matter in the slightest.

Welcome to 21st century higher education, where the race-baiting lunatics are running the asylum.

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