Bad News for Hillary: No Gender Gap

The most recent poll to chronicle Hillary Clinton’s collapse — this one by the Washington Post/ABC News — shows that there is no difference between her vote share among men and among women. No gender gap.

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Clinton gets the support of 42 percent of Democratic primary male voters and an identical percentage among female voters in the national survey.

In July, she had the backing of 71 percent of female Democratic primary voters. She has lost almost 30 points in two months!

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For a candidate who based her candidacy on female support and who touts her focus on women and girls at every event, this is a stunning development.

Clinton’s free fall is especially odd in that the race, so far, has basically been Hillary Clinton v. Hillary Clinton. Nobody is running attack ads against her. Her main opponent, Bernie Sanders, avoids criticizing her while her other potential adversary, Joe Biden, says nothing at all. Her crash comes entirely as a result of her own failure to handle the email scandal, which her own obsessive desire for secrecy caused.

The gap between male and female voters has always been at the core of Clinton’s electability. But now she has not even this upon which to rely.

The first serious female candidate for president cannot count on the support of women to get elected or nominated. What an incredible denouement.

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