Bad News From The DNC: You Belong To The Government

The Democratic National Convention started with the national debt clock hitting 16 billion dollars, the Dems booed God and making Jerusalem the capital of Israel in the middle, and it’s going to end with the jobless rate going up at the end of the week. They also put Sandra Fluke on stage, did everything short of performing a live abortion on stage to show how pro-choice they are, and they did this…: (See video above)


Yes, you did actually hear the words, “The government is the only thing we all belong to…”

First of all, they’re a little confused. We don’t belong to the government in the sense that we belong to a church and we’re sure as hell not slaves. We’re not serfs. We don’t “belong” to the government. At the end of the day, the government is little more than a necessary evil that we’re willing to bear because it’s better than anarchy. The government isn’t our daddy, our mommy, our pal, or our friend. It’s not even a voluntary association. Keep breaking any law, even an inconsequential one, and eventually somebody from the government will show up with a gun and force you to obey it.

That’s what the government really is and when you hear people describing it in a way that’s inconsistent with that, for example, by claiming that you belong to it, you can be sure that they don’t have your interests at heart.

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