Can I Criticize Islam Without Fearing For My Life?

Can I Criticize Islam Without Fearing For My Life?

This special edition of The Glazov Gang was joined by Sandra Solomon, an ex-Muslim who grew up in Saudi Arabia who is now valiantly fighting against the Islamization of the West — and of her new home country of Canada in particular. (Support Sandra on her Facebook Page HERE.)


Sandra came on the show to discuss Can I Criticize Islam Without Fearing For My Life?, sharing an inquiry she recently made at a Toronto mosque.

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And make sure to watch our special Glazov Gang Standoff episode with Saba Ahmed, the president of the Republican Muslim Coalition, and Shireen Qudosi, the Director of Muslim Matters at America Matters.

The two guests went toe-to-toe on Does Islam Need Reform? and the heated exchange touched on the Hijab, political Islam, the figure of Mohammed, what a real Muslim is, and much, much more:

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