Carson Gives Trump a Pass, but Not Cruz

Evidently it’s not safe to be a dissenter at a Donald Trump rally these days. But then I suppose it’s not safe for anyone who is not part of the Trump brigade – not even if you are just reporting on it, or are shills for the Trump campaign, like Drudge and Breitbart.

Brent Smith

Drudge, being a central headline hub doesn’t have this problem, but we can no longer say the same of Breitbart, as we found out at the Tuesday Trump rally. We’ve all heard (or seen) Trump campaign manager and senior thug, Corey Lewandowski manhandling Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields as she was simply trying to get close enough to The Donald to ask a question.

Lewandowski apparently grabbed her so hard, he bruised her forearm in several places, practically forcing her to the ground.

Where does Trump get these people? I mean – this guy is not security. He’s supposed to be the campaign manager. It reminds of the Batman movie, The Dark Night, where, after dispatching their Underworld boss, Joker turns to his three thugs and says you can now work for me – but there is room for only one, so you will have to try-out for the position. The Joker then snaps a pool cue in half, throws the pieces on the floor and leaves. The implication is that only one will live to join his crew. Is this also the Trump interview process? I’m just asking.

Both the Trump people and the reporter, Michelle Fields’ employer, Breitbart, claim it never happened. Way to be stand-up guys! Despite her spineless bosses, yesterday Fields pressed criminal charges against Lewandowski. It appears to me to be open and shut.

What else happened yesterday? That’s right – the man of unassailable moral character, Ben Carson, pledged his support to Donald Trump. Now why in the heck would Ben Carson support Trump? Mark Levin suggested that maybe he will become Surgeon General in the Trump administration – while Glenn Beck thinks maybe he was promised Education Secretary. Whatever it is, they seem like awfully strange bedfellows to me. Or are they?

Is not Trump the same guy who called Carson pathological? Trump said he’s “pathological, damaged, with a temper who goes into the bathroom for a couple of hours and now he’s religious…give me a break.” Trump says there is no cure for what he claims ails Carson and says you have to be stupid to believe Carson is who he claims.

Now we are expected to believe the two men sat down, had a long conversation, kissed and made up. I’m beginning to think Trump may have been right, at least to some extent, about Carson.

I realize it is only a day later and I haven’t looked everywhere, but so far I haven’t found even a hint that Ben Carson has suggested to The Donald that he fire his thuggish campaign manager Corey Lewandowski for what he did at Tuesday’s rally. And I don’t expect he will – unless he wants to be immediately dispatched and once again discredited by Trump.

And that’s interesting, because just over a month ago, Carson was all too eager for Cruz to jettison campaign staffers for the mix-up during the Iowa caucuses. Of course they did something far worse that physically assaulting a woman – they retweeted a CNN report. Yes – that’s much worse.

Recall what Carson said of Cruz: “I think that’s what a good leader does. If there are things that are going on that you don’t agree with, you have to make changes. Now if he agrees with it, he doesn’t need to make changes.” I get the inference – how about you?

So what does that say about Trump and even worse, what does it tell us about the true character of Ben Carson, that he now willingly hops into bed with Trump who evidently feels “he doesn’t need to make changes?”

I guess Carson must therefore agree that a Thugogracy will “Make America Great Again.”

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