Chaffetz for Speaker

It’s time the Republican leadership of the House stopped eating their young. Ever since the coup of 2010, when almost 70 new Republicans powered their way up to Congress, overturning longtime Democratic incumbents, the established House leadership — elevated to power by the triumph of their youngsters — has disregarded, disrespected and disappointed them.

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Now it is time to put one of the brightest, most energetic and most aggressive of the new crop of Republican congressmen into power and elect Jason Chaffetz speaker.

He understands how his peers rose to power in 2010 and again in 2014. He will pursue policies designed to keep them there. He will cater to the voters who get the House majority elected rather than the pro-Democratic, liberal media that now largely determines House leadership policies. Under Chaffetz, the editorial rooms of The Washington Post and The New York Times will no longer set the limits for the Republican House.

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Recently, the House has been an example of the old axiom that the young are sent to fight wars to empower the old. But as they defend their swing seats and hold back a nationally surging Democratic Party, these young congressmen are continually knifed in the back by those whom they helped put in leadership positions.

Under John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy, the House Republicans are well-versed in the intricate choreography of surrender. First come the bold speeches of defiance against the president’s outrageous power grabs. Then come the one-house bills that pass easily, along partisan lines, in the lower chamber. Then come the threats to keep the debt limit at present levels or to defund government agencies. And, finally, comes the part where the leadership folds its tent and goes home. They have let President Obama refuse to negotiate.

Would that the Senate leadership, too, could change hands and the self-imposed weakness of the 60-vote requirement could be set aside. If the Democrats could pass the most controversial piece of legislation in 20 years with a 51-vote majority, why cannot the Republicans disregard closure as well?

As Chair of the Government Reform and Oversight Committee, Chaffetz has been at the forefront of the battle to get the administration to come clean on a host of issues ranging from the IRS audits to Benghazi to Libyan and Syrian weapon sales to Fast and Furious. A worthy successor to Darrell Issa, he has been right up there with Trey Gowdy, Charles Grassley, Ted Cruz, and others in confronting the administration and forcing its retreat.

The editorial boards count on Boehner and McCarthy to keep the radicals in line. These two are like wardens sent to control the inmates by a liberal establishment that doesn’t understand how the voters ever chose them in the first place.

We don’t need another sellout or another administrator as speaker. We need a warrior. And we have one in Congressman Jason Chaffetz of Utah. If he brings one-half of the dedication and desire for combat to the job that Nancy Pelosi has brought to the Democrats, it will be twice as much as Boehner ever did.

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