Winners and Losers of the CNN Debate

There were two problems with the CNN debate. First of all, they allowed John Kasich and Ben Carson on the stage even though they are both completely out of it. The other problem was that Wolf Blitzer was pretty clearly favoring Trump and worked very hard to save him from the beating that Rubio and Cruz were laying on him.


5th place) Trump Rubio and Cruz destroyed Trump tonight. Does it matter? It’s hard to say because Trump’s numbers don’t seem to be impacted by debates, even when he does a poor job.

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3) Carson and Kasich: They’re both irrelevant, neither one of them should be on the stage and both of them should drop out.

2) Ted Cruz: He didn’t much in the first half of the debate, but he came alive in the 2nd half and really tore into Trump.

1) Marco Rubio: He tore chunks out of Trump early on and slowed down a little in the second half. He also didn’t get asked any questions about polls showing that he’s losing in a landslide in a home state, which essentially means he’s out of it.

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