Communism, Racism and the Sins of our Parents

Newly released FBI documents confirm, just like President Obama, hard-core communism runs deep in the family of his most influential and trusted advisor, Valerie Jarrett.  Ms. Jarrett is the one some describe as Mr. Obama’s puppet-master…the wind beneath his wings…the real president.

Susan Brown

The FBI documents reveal Ms. Jarrett’s late father, James E. Bowman, was in contact with a paid Soviet agent wanted for espionage and was also involved with communist front groups in the 1950s. Her mother’s father, RobertRochon Taylor, was in a business relationship with the same Soviet agent linked to her father and also investigated by the FBI for his affiliation in communist groups.  The FBI also flagged Ms. Jarrett’s late father-in-law, Vernon D. Jarrett, as a domestic security risk, raising money and openly supporting communist candidates. He was assigned by Communist Party USA to a special cultural arts group whose mission was to propagate the Communist Party line through indoctrination using the media of the day, including newspapers and radio. In a nutshell,according to the FBI file, Ms. Jarrett’s relatives were heavily involved with a group, Communist Party USA, whose mission was to fundamentally transform the American form of government and way of life.

The FBI report finally gives proof to support what many who’ve watched this White House with eyes wide open have long suspected: The children of communists are running our country in a way that would make their folks proud. But, to quote Hillary Clinton, using her most-annoying-sound-in-the-world-Benghazi-screech: “What difference does it make?” To answer, it makes a world of difference, considering there is no such thing as good communism, just bad and worse.

So does our upbringing matter? Do the things our parents say and do influence us long-term? Can we control our behavior, or does our behavior control us,thanks towhat’s passed on to us by our parents, and theirs? President Obama seems to think it does. During a recent podcastinterviewwith comedian Marc Maron, the president suggested America has nearly a genetic bent toward racism; intimating discrimination is “still part of our DNA.”With that logic, maybe it was the“devilish” white half of Mr. Obama’s “DNA”that coerced him to use the “N-word” during the same podcast. Maybe that logic should be applied to Mr. Obama’s and Ms. Jarrett’s anti-American upbringing.

An enlightening article, Ten Reasons to Teach Your Children Values, at highlights that children learn their value systems from their parents and learn to become “ethical decision makers when parents focus on ethics, not just rules.” That’s why people like Mr. Obamacan justify their “evolution” on things like gay marriage, allowing the rule of law to overrule what is morally right. Someone failed to teach him and certain members of the Supreme Court that what’s legal does not necessarily make it ethical.

Good or bad, it’s what we choose to do with what we learned from our parents that matters.You see, ever since Eve’s first bite of Eden’s forbidden fruit, mankind’s had a genetic bent toward isms like racism and communism that we’ll never rise above without Divine intervention…repentance…grace.That’s how family members of the massacred South Carolinians were able togracefully extend genuineforgiveness to the alleged shooter last week.It’s the kind of grace President Obama sang about at the eulogy in South Carolina, but is glaringly absent in word and deed when he’s dealing with those to which he disagrees.

Sadly, it seems rather than rising above their own ancestor’s sins, Mr. Obama and Ms. Jarrett proudly stand on their shoulders. Indeed, the sins of our ancestors are carried on generationally, but only when we choose to allow it.

Susan Stamper Brown. Susan is a recovering political pundit from Alaska who does her best to make sense of current events using her faith. Her columns are syndicated by Email Susan at or Facebook.

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