Congratulations to the Republican Nominee Donald Trump & the Woman He Will Almost Certainly Make President, Hillary Clinton

After winning Indiana, Trump was practically guaranteed to get the 1237 delegates he needs to be the nominee. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Ted Cruz dropped out. It would have been nice to get the closest thing we have to “another Reagan” as our nominee this year, but after Hillary easily defeats Donald Trump, Cruz can always run again in 2020.

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Setting aside Trump’s authoritarianism, the fact that he isn’t a conservative and the nearly limitless collection of character defects that make him a poor choice for the presidency, he is the single most unelectable candidate we could have run. Worse than Jeb. Worse than Mike Huckabee. Worse than Jim Gilmore.

Not a single Trump supporter has ever made a logical, fact-based case explaining why he could beat Hillary. Not a one. Because there isn’t one.

They just have “a feeling” or “Nobody expected him to get this far” or they say, “I don’t trust polls.”

Unfortunately, Trump managed to win in a 17 man field that split the vote and kept anyone from uniting behind an alternative. Because he generates good ratings and they think he’ll be easy to beat, the mainstream media liberals pushed him non-stop for months to get him over the hump.

Yet, in a general election, Trump will be in a 1-on-1 race and the mainstream media that he used to win the Republican primary will be considerably more hostile. Moreover, given Trump’s unwillingness to spend his own money and the difficulty he will have fund raising, it wouldn’t be surprising if Hillary spends more hitting him with negatives ads than he spends on his whole campaign. Although there are a few good people working for Trump, his organization is a bad joke and he will be out organized in every state. Furthermore, although Trump has done well with white blue collar workers, his numbers are almost impossibly bad with every other group. Additionally, a significant number of Republicans (I’m guessing 20-30% based on other similarly contentious elections) will either sit this one out, write in a candidate, vote for the third party candidate or worse yet, vote for Hillary. Of course, even if these people were on board, Trump would be highly unlikely to overcome his almost unbelievably bad unfavorable numbers with women and independents. Not only is Trump definitively not going to win states like New York or New Jersey, it’s highly unlikely he can win put states like Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan in play. To the contrary, you should expect Hillary Clinton to win states that haven’t gone Democrat in a long time. People keep saying, “Polls don’t matter this early.” Well, we’re you’re talking about two people as well known as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton; actually they do matter and Trump has been consistently losing for months.

I hold no ill will towards anyone for supporting or endorsing Donald Trump, but I will say that picking this guy as our nominee shows “Charlie Sheen levels” of poor judgment and we’re going to pay a terrible price for it. At least four years of Hillary, losing the Supreme Court for the foreseeable future, losing the Senate and it’s not out of the question that we might lose the House.

All that was baked in the cake the moment that Donald Trump became the nominee.

Barring some kind of miracle that would allow even Todd Akin to get elected (Hillary running her campaign from prison, while she’s dying of a fatal disease and divorcing Bill at the same time), Trump has no chance.

As for me, I’m becoming an independent because I refuse to be part of any party led by a man like Donald Trump. Here at Right Wing News, we’ll cover the election largely the same way that we did when John McCain was the nominee. We will hammer the Democrats, correct lies about the candidate and cover it when he makes news. But, I will never vote for him. Not if Ted Cruz was his VP, not if he cured cancer, not if I had to choose between voting for him and dying in the ballot booth. Trump is like Obamacare. The people who put Trump in place should have to answer for him, not those of us who have been pointing out that he’s a disaster in the making for months.

With all that being said, congratulations to Donald Trump on being the GOP nominee and congrats to Hillary, since barring a miracle, she’ll be our first female President because we made such a bad decision in picking our nominee.

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