Where Are the Conservative Candidates?

All the focus is on the three major center-right candidates: Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and Chris Christie. By jumping out early, each is laying his particular claim to portions of their common base of donors, consultants, party leaders and voters.

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But from Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker and Rick Santorum, we hear little or nothing. Mike Huckabee started the process of running by resigning his Fox News gig, but hasn’t gone farther. We hear no public statements, no confrontations with the establishment candidates, no calls to action from the ranks of would-be conservative candidates. The silence is deafening!

Meanwhile, the country has a collective case of nausea at the prospect of charging into the middle of the second decade of the new century with candidates firmly rooted in the politics of 20 years ago. Yet another Bush (Bush III lets start calling him). A recycled Romney. And a Clinton. Has America nothing else to offer?

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It’s as if some sense of economic frugality has induced us all to reuse old bumper stickers on our ancient clunkers rather than having to paste on new ones. Better we trade them in, bumper stickers and all, while we can still get federal cash for them!

Among the conservatives, only Paul Ryan has moved decisively … in reverse, announcing his noncandidacy.

Surely there must be somebody out there with his own last name!

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